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10 Things People Forget to do When Moving

Want a smooth, stress-free, simple move? The most important thing you can do is get organized. When you organize your move, you cut down on the likelihood that things will go wrong. You also save money, time, and effort. Unfortunately, lots of people miss the mark when it comes to organization. Luckily, you can enhance your move by not forgetting any of these 10 things people forget when moving.

#1. A Moving Checklist

Think of how disorganized your daily life would be if you didn’t make checklists. Would you remember to get that package in the mail or return that critical phone call? Probably not! Moving is the same way. The most organized moves utilize moving checklists throughout. Unfortunately, this is one of the top 10 things people forget when moving.

If you want your move to be as successful as possible, don’t skip this step. Make a moving checklist when your move begins. Continue to organize your move by updating it as things change, or as you complete to-dos.

If you need an example of an excellent moving checklist, take a look at this one from Real Simple.

#2. Labeling Boxes

Imagine packing your whole home into boxes and moving them to your new place. When you go to unpack those boxes, though, you realize that none of them were labeled, so you have no idea where anything goes! How stressful!

Avoid this by labeling your boxes as soon as you pack them. Add a note in Sharpie about the contents of the box AND the room it goes in. This makes unpacking a breeze.

#3. Using Proper Packing Materials

Nothing is more heartbreaking than getting to your new location to find out your items are all broken. Unfortunately, this is precisely what happens when you don’t use proper packing materials. To protect your items and organize your move, purchase packing materials from your local moving store, or hire packing professionals from a moving company you trust.

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Be sure to wrap fragile items and fill gaps and empty spaces in boxes with peanuts or a similar filler material.

#4. Hire Full- or Part-Time Movers

Lots of people underestimate how time-consuming moving will be. Unless you hire full- or part-time movers, it’s easy for your relocation to take over your whole life. Luckily, companies like Colonial Van Lines offer high-quality moving services to help you organize your move. Don’t forget to consider these before you start your big transition.

#5. Compare Moving Companies

Not all moving prices are created equal. As such, it’s critical to compare moving costs before you start. In addition to helping you organize your move, this also saves you money by ensuring you get the best deal. Before you settle for any one brand, be sure you shop around. You should get quotes from at least 3-4 companies to compare prices. Once you’ve done that, you can hire the one you like best.

#6. Notify Your Bank

The last thing you want is to have your credit or debit card shut off. Make sure to notify your bank and major credit card companies about your upcoming move. This will ensure that you will have access to your funds and ability to purchase items anywhere you go.

#7. Redirecting Mail

There’s a lot to think about during the moving process, so it’s understandable that so many people forget to redirect their mail. Unfortunately, this makes for a stressful adjustment to your new home. A few weeks before you pack your first box, put in a redirect notice with the Postal Service. It takes a few weeks to go into effect and will be working correctly by the time you arrive at your new home.

#8. Packing Things You Shouldn’t Pack

Lots of people just pack everything in their home, without taking the time to sift through it to ensure there’s nothing they should give away or donate. Unfortunately, this just results in you bringing a bunch of junk with you to your new home. Instead, cull your items before you pack them. Have a yard sale or make a “donate” pile to get rid of things you don’t need, and pack only the things you can’t live without.

#9. Bringing Important Documents

As you pack your home, be sure you’re keeping important documents where they’re easy to find. Some people do this by making photocopies of things like passports, driver’s licenses, and certificates, while others create a folder and keep it in their “day of” bag. The way you do it is up to you. Just remember that it’s critical to have these documents where you can find them, even when your home is disorganized.

#10. Planning Meals Ahead

While it sounds simple, getting a good meal as you move can be one of the hardest things to do. With this in mind, plan your meals ahead of time. Organize your move by researching easy breakfast ideas, packing lots of grab-and-go snacks, and knowing which take-out places deliver in your new neighborhood. The better you’ll eat, the better you’ll feel throughout your move!

Organize Your Move – Cut the Stress!

Organizing your move is a smart way to stay ahead of the game. By forgetting any of these ten things, you can enjoy a simpler and more efficient move, regardless of how far you’re going. let us know if you found our tips on 10 things people forget when moving useful. Our MoveHub blog

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