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Move Smarter: Hacks to Make Moving Easier

If you’ve ever wondered and asked yourself why is moving so hard? You’re not alone. Between the packing, the transport, and the re-arrangement at your new home, there’s a lot to think about. But what if we told you that a few cheap moving hacks could make all the difference? Here’s your simple guide to streamlining your move, and coping with the difficulties that often pop up throughout.

Why Is Moving so Hard?

First things first: what makes moving so hard? Here are a few of the primary factors:

Reason 1: Moving is Time-Consuming. No matter how prepared you are, moving takes up a great deal of time. This is especially true if you’re moving long-distance, or if you have a large household to move. According to Apartment Guide, moving a 3-4 bedroom home takes an average of 7 hours, and that’s not including all the time it takes to transport, unpack, and rearrange these items! The time you need to invest in moving is by far one of the biggest reasons it stands out as being so hard.

Reason 2: Moving is Expensive. The cost of moving is one of the primary reasons people are on the hunt for cheap moving hacks. Today, the average cost of moving across state lines is about $4,300, and that’s assuming everything goes smoothly. For many people, this is a prohibitive cost, that can cause real financial hardship. For others, it’s just a headache!

Reason 3: Your Cost of Living May Change. If you’re moving from an inexpensive place to a more expensive neighborhood, it’s a transition that will take some definite adjustment. This is especially true if you forgot to plan for the increase before you relocated.

Reason 4: It’s Emotionally and Physically Stressful. Think having your entire life in boxes is stressful? Think about how moving that giant king bed will feel on your aching back! Moving presents a series of emotional and physical stresses that many people find difficult to handle.

Reason 5: It Affects Your Children. Moving can have a large impact on your kids. This is especially true for kids that are in school or have a large group of friends in a given area. Luckily, you can minimize this impact by preparing your children for the move in advance and working to address their issues as they arise.

Reason 6: Your Pets Need Time to Adapt. If you have pets you’re moving with, you can expect them to need ample time to adapt. Dogs and cats may be frightened by a move and may react by trying to run away or adopting uncharacteristic behaviors.

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Cheap Moving Hacks to Make Moving Easier

Are you tired of asking “Why is moving so hard?” or are you looking for a few cheap moving hacks to make your big transition easier? Here’s a simple list to get you started:

Hack 1: Put Clothes (on Hangers) Into Garbage Bags

Don’t trouble yourself with taking your clothes off the hangers, folding them, putting them in boxes, and then removing and unfolding them again at your new house, OR buying expensive clothing boxes that allow your items to hang in transport. Instead, use this cheap moving hack: take your hung clothes out of the closet and slip them into trash bags, while they’re still on their hangers. Once you’ve filled a bag, stack them horizontally. When you arrive at your new home, just pull the hangers out and put the clothes in the closet!

Hack 2: Use Shirts to Wrap Breakables

Instead of purchasing expensive bubble wrap or packing peanuts to protect your breakable items, just wrap them in your shirts or other soft clothing. Not only does this prevent your items from shattering in transit, but it also cuts down on the amount of packing you have to do.

Hack 3: Put Plastic Wrap Over Bottles Before Screwing on the Cap

Here’s one of our favorite cheap moving hacks: prevent frustrating spills during your move by putting plastic wrap on the tops of all your bottles. Before you screw on the tops, use a rubber band to secure some plastic wrap over the opening. This prevents leaks and spills and keeps your move clean and simple.

Hack 4: Use Suitcases to Move Heavy Items

Instead of risking broken boxes, use suitcases to move your very heavy items. They’re more durable than boxes, and they don’t cost you anything to use! If you load one of them with something that’s very weighty, be sure to label it accordingly, so nobody gets hurt trying to move it.

Hack 5: Use Toothpaste to Fill Nail Holes

Don’t purchase expensive putty to fill holes in your old walls. Instead, use toothpaste. It works much the same way and will help ensure you get that deposit back when you leave. It’s one of the best cheap moving hacks out there.

Contact a Professional Moving Team for More Moving Hacks

Looking to stop asking why is moving so hard? or ways to save money on your big move? Why not hire a professional moving company? Not only will these experienced movers have lots of helpful insight on your move, but they may be able to share the cheap moving hacks you need to make your move as simple as possible. For more information, contact Colonial Van Lines today!

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