• 5 Things To Do After You Move

5 Things To Do After You Move

Moving across the country to a new home is a bit of a shocking experience, but rest assured your friends at Colonial Van Lines has some tips to make the process a whole lot easier. As one of the nation’s top long distance moving companies we take the time to make sure our customers have all the resources they need to have a seamless long distance moving experience. Here are some tips on what to do after a move.

Tip 1: Get settled in

So, you just moved across the country and you have boxes everywhere, furniture to assemble and a new home to tend to. First things first make sure all of your items are accounted for and in good condition if there are any issues contact your mover so that may assist you with any issues or concerns you may have. If everything is just as you expected its time to get your home in order, organize your boxes and items where you want them in your home. This will make the unpacking process that much easier for you and your family to manage.

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Tip 2: Time to unpack

It may seem overwhelming having rooms filled with boxes but you will have everything in order soon enough. First of all, make sure you unpack the essential items you use daily before you start diving into everything you have ahead of you. By unpacking the items you use on a daily basis it will make your life much easier and allow you to have some semblance of an organized home. Unpacking the bedroom and kitchen before the living room is the best way to go.

Tip 3: Help your pets adjust

Sometimes it may take a while for your pets to get used to your new home but overall the best way to help them adapt is letting them explore. Allow your cat or dog to explore indoors and outdoors that way they will become more familiar and comfortable with their surroundings.

Tip 4: Make friends

Although you may be quite busy trying to get your house in order it is not a bad idea to take a break and make some new acquaintances. Take a stroll through the neighborhood and get to know your neighbors, you might just make a few friend in the process.

Tip 5: A night out in town

There is no better way to get acquainted with your new city than just going out and exploring it all. Check out the things to do and places to eat in the area and while you’re at it ask the locals for some tips and ideas.

Colonial Van Lines always has your best interests in mind and our team is always ready and available to assist you with all of your moving needs.

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