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6 Simple Ideas for Your Moving Party

Are you planning a going away party? If so, you know it’s an exciting party. While leaving your home can be bittersweet, having a going away party can soothe the blow and allow you some quality time to catch up with your best-loved friends and family. Here are a few smart ways to make your moving party memorable as can be:

6 DIY Tips for an Unforgettable Going Away Party

Whether you’re an old pro at throwing the perfect going away party or you’re looking for some new tips to help you slay the task, these DIY pointers are right up your alley:

1. Make Your Guest List

The first step is to make the guest list for who you want to attend your party. If you’ve been living in a place for some time, it’s likely this list will get large. Consider that If you have the space, budget, and time to plan for a grand affair, that’s just fine. If not, though, you might need to pare it down a bit. No matter how many people you intend to host, be sure to make a list. If you’re like most people considering a going away party, you’ll want to host it as close to your moving date as possible. With this in mind, be sure to give the attendees on your guest list plenty of notice. This allows them to plan for your event and ensure their schedules are open enough to allow it. Keep in mind that it’s also a great ideal to invite friends you know will help you pack, so be sure to look for the friends and family most willing to help you out.

2. Decide on a Location

 Where are you going to hold the going away party? If your home is packed up or has been professionally cleaned, you might not want to do it there. Instead, call around to some local restaurants or gathering prices to see what they’d charge. Bowling alleys, favorite bars, and eateries are all great places to inquire about. You might also consider holding the gathering at a friend’s house (if they offer to host) or a city park, if the weather permits. Regardless of where you choose to hold the event, keep the comfort of your guests in mind. An empty living room with no furniture won’t be as comfortable as a cozy neighborhood bar, after all.

3. Send Out Digital Invitations

The time right before you move is not the best time to bother with designing and printing paper invitations. Save yourself time, energy, and stress by sending out digital invitations instead. Paperless Post is one site that offers beautiful, pre-designed digital invitations for just a few cents each. Plus, the site provides easy RSVP tracking and a message board, so you can keep track of what your guests have to say about your gathering! Once you’ve decided on an invite and the guest list, be sure to send out invites as early as possible. If you’d prefer to go another route entirely, you can also create a private Facebook event group. You can also have a labeling party at your going away party. If you intend to do this, be sure to include word about it on the invitation.

4. DIY Your Moving Party Decorations

Don’t overwhelm yourself by going all-out on decorations. Instead, head to the local dollar store to pick up cheap decorations, banners, and cups that you can use and toss out. If you’re having the party at your home or a friend’s abode, look for disposable everything. In addition to making the party easy to clean up after, this ensures nobody gets left spending hours doing the dishes once everyone goes.

5. Add Plenty of Local Elements

This is a going-away party, after all! Don’t forget to pay homage to the place you’ve been living. Favorite food or drinks from local establishments, drinks from a nearby brewery, or treats from your favorite bakery are all perfect additions to the party. For a fun and simple party, look for local finger foods and appetizers from your favorite eateries or bakeries. You might also want to print a bunch of pictures of yourself and your friends and display them around the party to remember the good times you’ve had. You can also set up a photobooth or picture station at the party to create some world-class memories before you go.

6. Arrange Some Speeches

To wrap up your party the best possible way, arrange for a few of your closest friends and family to make speeches. These are a great way to celebrate the good times you’ve had with your loved ones and let everyone know how much you’ll miss them. If you’d like, you can wrap up the evening by giving a speech yourself (write it down or just wing it). Make it funny, emotional, or moving, but don’t forget to tell everyone who has gathered to see you off how much you appreciate them!

A Better Moving Party Starts Here

While it’s true that holding a moving party can be emotional, it’s almost always a smart decision. Not only will you create memories you’ll never forget, but a good moving party is an excellent way to say goodbye to a place you’ve lived and loved. To learn more about moving, or to get a free quote for your upcoming move, contact Colonial Van Lines today! We’re always here to answer the questions you have and help you plan your big relocation.

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