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8 Best Holiday Gifts for Friends that are Moving

It’s the holiday season, and that means one thing: it’s time to get gifts for the friends and family in your life. If you have friends that are moving, though, you can bet the last thing they need is more stuff. After all, they’re likely trying to get rid of the items they don’t need, and the thought of adding more to the lineup likely gives them atrocious anxiety.

Are you picking up gifts for your friends that are moving? Check out our 8 Best Holiday Gifts that you should consider giving to your friends. There are several smart gift ideas that don’t clog up your friends’ closets and moving trucks. Here are some great ideas for the soon-to-be-relocated people in your life.

1. A Home Item, Shipped to Their New Home

Is your friend moving into a larger place, downsizing intelligently, or moving into a new phase in their life, getting them a home item is a great move? To ensure it doesn’t weigh down their move, just make sure you have it shipped to their new address. Need some ideas? Consider some high-quality wine glasses, a nice piece of furniture, some framed art, or a unique item that reminds them of the place they left behind. Not only is this a unique way to celebrate your friend’s transition, but it’s also a fantastic way to welcome them to their new home, even if you’re not there.

8 Best Holiday Gifts - Holiday moving - home item -wine glasses

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards will be very welcomed by anyone who is moving. After all, moving always comes with unexpected needs, and offering a gift card to a store like Home Depot, Ikea, Home Goods, or anything similar will give your friend a way to pick up last-minute essentials without dipping into their own pocketbook. To ensure the gift card is as useful as possible, pick a store that’s close to their new place and that offers a wide selection of goods.

8 Best Holiday Gifts - Holiday moving - gift cards
3. Moving Help

The best gift for a friend who is moving doesn’t have to cost you anything at all: it’s just your own two hands. When you know someone who is relocating, offer to show up and help them for a day or the duration of their move. If you’ve ever moved before, you know how much work it can be. Between packing, schlepping boxes out to the truck, and unpacking at the new place, it’s an exhausting experience, and extra hands are almost always welcome. If you show up, consider bringing some food or extra friends to help you. Many hands make light work and pizza is always appreciated.

8 Best Holiday Gifts - Holiday moving - moving help
4. A Home-Cooked Meal

Don’t let your newly relocated friend go hungry. As they prepare for their big move, drop by with a home-cooked meal to help welcome them to their new place, or ensure they’re well-fed at their old one. As your friend packs up his or her kitchen items, it’ll get tough for them to cook for themselves or their family. As a result, a hot meal is always appreciated. If you prefer, you can make something ahead of time (Casserole-like dishes including lasagna work well) and drop it by with instructions on how to reheat and prepare.

8 Best Holiday Gifts - Holiday moving - home cooked meal
5. Moving Boxes

It may sound silly but why not take care of the moving accessories for your on-the-go friend? Either cover the cost of their moving boxes and other items, or chip in with some other friends to create a “moving fund” they can use to pick these things up on their own. Either way, you’ll take some financial burden off of them and make it easier for them to grab the things they need, when they need them.

6. Dog-Walking or Childcare

If your friend has a pet or a young kid, get them a few hours or days (depending on your budget) with a qualified dog walker or childcare specialist. While we all love our kids and furry friends, having them underfoot during a move can be tough. As such, a few hours or days away from the little dependents is a great way to help your friend de-stress. If you’re not sure where to look, try checking out care.com or a similar site for professionals in your area.

8 Best Holiday Gifts - Holiday moving - dog walking
7. A Night Out

Moving can be exhausting, and it’s tough to get away from when you’re in it all the time. With this in mind, consider making arrangements for your friend (or friends) to enjoy a night out. Make some nice dinner reservations, offer to watch the kids, and provide a situation where they can grab dinner and see a movie. The break will be relaxing and a few hours away from moving a much-needed respite. This is one of our favorite out of our 8 best holiday gifts.

8 Best Holiday Gifts - Holiday moving - night out
8. Bulbs for Their New Garden

If your friend has a garden at their new home, consider purchasing some bulbs or a tree for them to plant. The plant will grow with them as they settle into their new home and will remind them of you every time they look at it. To ensure this is a welcoming rather than a stressful gift, be sure you’re buying a plant that’s suitable for your environment, and that is low-maintenance. Stop by a local greenhouse center if you need some input or aren’t sure which plant to buy. A professional will be able to offer all sorts of input. If you’re not comfortable buying a plant for the outdoors, consider a low-maintenance indoor plant. Jade plants are easy to care for, as are ferns and rubber plants. Do a bit of research to find one that will suit their home and care style.

8 Best Holiday Gifts - Holiday moving - garden
Be the Best Friend a Moving Couple Could Ask for

Moving is tough, and it really does take a village. Fortunately, you’re here to lend a helping hand. It doesn’t matter whether you do it through food, moving assistance, gift cards to local home goods stores, or just offering to watch the kids for an afternoon – any help you can provide your moving comrades will be welcomed! To learn more about moving, more posts like ou 8 Best Holiday Gift Ideas, or to speak with our professional moving team about how to ace your upcoming move, contact Colonial Van Lines today!

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