A Helpful Timeline for Transferring Your Utilities When You Move

As one of the nation’s top long-distance movers, we could write the book on executing a perfect move. Whether you are considering hiring professionals or still have the drive and energy for DIY moving,  here’s how to check off that utility transfer to-do list seamlessly.

There are different elements that make up a home. Though the house is the most significant, it is only a part of the home. Your personal belongings are also important, but utilities are critical. Without certain utilities, life will be unbearable. When you are moving, you need to transfer these utilities. Imagine going through all the hassles of moving only to flip the light switch and nothing happens. Can you really unpack in the dark? You can always prevent such ugly scenarios by transferring your utilities at the appropriate time. Here, we will consider different utilities as well as a timeline for transferring them.

Transferring Power Services When You MovePower

It will be hard to spend a full day without power (electricity). You can avoid this by planning ahead of time. The first thing is to check if the same providers that cater for your current home also operate in your new area. In such instances, you need to inform them about your move ahead of time. A two week period will be enough to get them to transfer your power, but don’t hesitate to call them sooner.  Do not rely on any grace period offered by any power provider.  Power in your current place of residence should be scheduled for cancellation a day or two after you move.


Transferring TV Services When You Move

Ideally, you should be able to move with your cable television subscription. This is not the case always, however. There are instances where the service will not be available in your new location. If this is the case, research about providers in the area you are moving to. Compare different offers and decide on the one to use. While TV seems necessary these days, you can certainly do without it for a day. In your current location, you can have the services cancelled a day after you move. In your new home, have TV services installed a day or two after moving in. It will be necessary to inform your prospective service providers ahead of time.


It is impossible for most people to stay a full day without internet service. Thankfully, transferring this shouldn’t be an issue. Most internet service providers cover large areas and your current providers will likely operate in your new area. You can transfer the service by reaching out and updating your contact and billing information. You also need to check if the offering in your new location is the same as where you are moving from. Ensure that the connection speed will meet your need. Also check to see if the pricing is fair enough. Consider more friendly options if they are available. Connecting internet may not take too long but you could run in to some trouble finding an optimal appointment. Ultimately, it is best to make plans two to three weeks ahead.

Land Line Phone

Phone service is another important utility you need to take care of ahead of time. In the case of intra-state movement, your current providers can easily update your contact and billing address. You should communicate the details of your movement about two weeks ahead of time. If you are moving to a new state, your providers may not be available there. Communicate with them to disconnect your telephone a day after you move. Also, research options for your new area and pick one ahead of your move. Arrange to have the service connected the day you move or the next day.

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Transferring Pest Services When You Move Pest Services

If you are currently using pest services, you should know the last time you will need it. This is not a service you need every day or every week. It is important that you inform your providers before they pay their last visit. It is unlikely that your current pest service providers will operate in your new location. If they do, simply update your contact information with them before you move. Some pest control companies may want to do a full inner-outer treatment on your new home before receding back to the maintenance schedule you are most likely on currently. If you are moving too far, you will need new providers. You can ask your landlord or new neighbors about the best options around. If it is necessary, have them visit before you move in.


Water is a necessity and you need to be connected even before you move into your new house. You also need water in your current house even on the day you will move. It is more likely that water will be handled through your new city or town. Contact the public utilities office a few weeks before you move. You can arrange for the service to start a day before you move in. This way, you will not meet any surprises when you move into your new house. For your old house, have the service disconnected a day after you move out.

Home Security

Transferring monitored home security can be challenging. First, you have to make sure that the provider operates in the area you are moving to. You will have to inform them in time to arrange for the transfer. Your providers will also need detailed information about your new home. This is the only way they will know what your new house needs. There may be a need for more equipment to get your new house completely covered. Inform the company about a month before you move. If they do not operate in your new area, look for new providers. You can have them establish the system after you move in. Your old providers can disconnect the day you move.

Lawn Maintenance

There are many lawn care providers in every city or town. Transferring this utility shouldn’t be an issue. If your old providers operate in your new location, update your contact information with them. If there is a need to find new providers, you can ask your neighbors with great lawns for recommendations.

Making arrangements to transfer your utilities ahead of moving houses will save you several troubles. In most cases, you have to inform the right people at least two weeks before you move.

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Subscriptions Services

These days you might have several items coming to your home on subscription. It could be your wine of the month subscription, or a make-up bag, shaving kit, or your fav magazines. Be sure to update all those businesses with your new address. It’s not enough to just change it with the post office. These shipments can get lost in the shuffle if you don’t get ahead of it and you don’t want to be at the mercy of customer service phone calls, emails and more.

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