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8 Tips On How To Keep Bugs Out Of Storage Boxes

Moving is already stressful enough, and now you have to worry about bugs getting in your moving boxes?! Don’t worry, here is a quick guide on how to keep bugs out of boxes: 

How To Keep Bugs Out of Storage Boxes

Inarguably, the best way to keep bugs from nesting in your storage boxes is to make sure they don’t get in there in the first place. Because we don’t examine our stored items often, invaders can go undetected until we find our clothes destroyed – and not in a desirable fashion. Fortunately, there are preventive measures you can take to keep bugs out of storage boxes and your designer duds. 

1. Use Clean Boxes

When you’re moving, a good box can be hard to find. If your friends and family have some to spare, it may be tempting to ask them for their contributions. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t know what these boxes have been used for—and you certainly don’t want to wait until the bugs invade to draw conclusions. To be on the safe side, buy moving boxes from a professional moving company or a store. If these are not affordable options, only accept boxes from sources that have a pest-free track record. 

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2. Use Plastic Containers

The last thing you want to do is give pests an unintentionally warm welcome to your storage boxes. Choosing plastic containers over those made from natural materials is an excellent way to prevent bugs from “making themselves at home” in your belongings. Plastic storage bins provide the best protection because they can’t be chewed through or ripped open.

Bug proof your storage items by choosing plastic boxes and bins with tight lids and keeping them sealed while in storage.  

Check bins regularly for damage, and replace cracked or broken bins when necessary.

3. How to Keep Bugs Out of Cardboard Boxes

If you are using cardboard boxes, on the other hand, the idea is to make the environment as inhospitable to bugs as possible. Avoid using cardboard boxes that are old and torn. Consider using bug-spray and essential oils (such as lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint) to keep insects away.

4. Keep A Cool Dry Climate 

Food, water, shelter, and clothing. When the weather gets bad, that’s what insects seek: food, water, shelter — and if you’re not careful, they’ll seek your clothing as well. Bad weather conditions drive insects inside, and any moisture that gets indoors will provide them with a handy water source. Weatherproof your home and keep the climate in your attic cool and dry.  

5. Check Books and Objects for Bugs

Apparently, bookworms aren’t the only type of bugs that like books. When books sit on shelves collecting dust, cockroaches, carpet beetles, silverfish, booklice, and termites will happily feast on pages, cloth covers, and the glue that holds the book’s binding together. As you pack, check your books for signs of insect damage. If you notice any sandy colored pellets, holes, or stains, place your books in plastic bags and put them in the freezer for a few days to kill any remaining insects.

Another good tip: check it out before you pull it out. Many an unsuspecting homeowner has brought an infested storage box down from the attic, only to send pests (and family members) running rampant into other areas of the home. Stop the nightmare before it happens by inspecting boxes for evidence of pests before bringing them out of storage. Check items as you unpack them and vacuum thoroughly to get rid of insects and eggs. 

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6. Clean Fabrics and Clothing 

Just like many health-conscious humans, clothes moths, silverfish, carpet beetles, and cockroaches choose to eat organically whenever they get the chance. If you have organic fibers, such as silk, cotton, or wool fabric in your home, these pests may be munching as we speak.

To keep the insect population from your bug proof storage boxes, wash each piece of clothing on the highest heat setting safe for the material or take it to the dry cleaner. Even if the clothes pass visual inspection, there may be eggs lurking in the fibers that you’ll want to get rid of. 

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7. Keep the Storage Area Clean

Another way to keep bugs out of storage boxes is by keeping the storage area clean. Not only do insects feast on food particles, but they also thrive on dust, dirt, and other organic matter. For best results, clean the area before you move your stuff into it. Sweep, dust, mop, and remove cobwebs and dead insects.   

8. Pest Control Products

Pest control products can be very effective against insect intruders. For non-chemical preventive pest control, look for natural alternatives such as scented soaps and cedar blocks. Diatomaceous earth, a natural material that kills insects by dehydrating them, is harmless to humans and readily available online and in stores. Traps when used with care, can also be effective alternatives.

Colonial Van Lines: Helping Our Customers Say No to Bugs

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