Dads Spill Best Hacks for Moving with Toddlers

Moving with toddlers and babies adds an extra layer of challenges to moving. From packing all your toddler’s essentials to baby-proofing your new home, there are several steps you must take as the parent. This will help ensure a smooth and safe move for your little ones. Here are some essential toddler moving tips shared by dads that have previously moved with a baby or toddler.

Prepare Your Toddlers for the Move

Often times, we are preoccupied with every process involved in the move. From packing your belongings to making your furniture look good with a new layout, utilities in the new home, moving to-do list, and more, there are lots of things to think about during the move. Have you considered what the relocation will do for your kids?

The relocation will uproot your kid’s whole world and turn it upside down. Some toddlers and babies will find it tough to adjust to the new home. When moving with toddlers, you can prepare them for the move by telling him or her as soon as possible. Depending on their age, give them enough details. Tell them when the move will happen. Provide suitable answers to their questions. Help them understand their feelings. Also, find them a reason to be excited. With this, you can make the transition easier for your little ones.

Ask for Help

Furthermore, when moving with toddlers, it is important to ask for help. During a chaotic move, you can unintentionally take your eyes off your baby. Unfortunately, ignoring your baby, even for one minute, can spell trouble for the little one. Hence, it is essential to ask for help when moving with toddlers.

What’s more, you can invite some family and friends over to hold, play with feed, and take care of your baby. You can also hire childcare on the moving day. Asking for help will give you enough time to handle all the task on your moving to-do list. It will keep your baby safe from harm and help save your own sanity. With an extra set of hand, you can concentrate more on your move while having the necessary peace of mind that your baby is safe.

Restraining your toddler

There are a few ways to safely restrain your toddler so that you can focus on packing/unpacking and loading/unloading your items.

  • Baby gate: These can attach to a wall/doorway or create a circle to enclose your toddler while you work.
  • Pack and play: Sure it’s a bit small but if you throw a few toys, books or electronics their way you’ll get some stuff done.
  • Box them in: If all else fails you can box them by making an enclosure with the boxes. Just be sure there is no way they can get inside the boxes or get out. Toddlers should stay in your vision at all times. If you have some crayons handy, let them make some artwork on the boxes and you’ll be amazed how quiet and content they stay while you get the house together.

Pack Your Baby’s Belongings and Toys Last

When packing your items and belongings, you may be tempted to pack those baby gadgets, stuffed animals, and noisy toys. We advise you to wait before doing this. In fact, you can wait until a few days before the move before packing your baby’s belongings and toys. The last thing you want is hunting through boxes for your toddler’s favorite toys or pacifier. However, when you eventually pack your baby’s belongings, ensure that the box is clearly labeled and easily accessible.

Bring Pack ‘n Play with You

In addition, ensure that you have something to contain your toddler or baby before, during, and after the move. You can come along with a portable crib or pack ‘n play. The pack ‘n play can serve as a place for your child to sleep, play, or rest. You can also include other items to keep your baby occupied. This can include baby gates, high chair, bouncy seat, and so forth. With this, you can keep your baby safe and prevent unfortunate accidents while you are busy packing boxes.

Pack a Moving Day Essentials Bag for Your Baby

As you continue packing your items and belongings, try as much as possible to include a bag of moving day essentials for your toddler or baby. Your baby’s moving day essentials bag should contain items such as diapers, favorite stuffed animal, sippy cups, pacifier, bottles, blankets, and more. The bag should also contain a first aid kit as well as any other essential medications. Above all, place the moving day essentials bag in an easy-to-reach spot. This way, you can easily access items in the bag whenever the need arises.

Be Aware of Window Cords

Kids love to explore. On reaching your new home, you can simply forget about the cords handing on your window treatments. Your curious kids can unknowingly grab the window cord from the shades and blinds. This might likely cause mild or severe injuries. To keep your child safe, take care of your window treatments immediately after moving in. Baby proof your new home. Replace all shades and blinds. Also, do not place bed, cribs, or furniture close to the window.

Unpack the Nursery First

Lastly, unpack the nursery first. You have no reason to wait before you unpack your baby’s nursery. As soon as you move in, unpack your baby’s nursery. Help your child settle in faster by setting up his or her bedroom.

Baby proof the room. Unpack the moving boxes containing baby gadgets, stuffed animals, and toys. The idea is to ensure that everything is set for your little ones. This will help them adjust to the new environment quickly. It will also provide them a serene and safe place to play, rest, and sleep.

There you have it! Above are some essential toddler moving tips for a safe and smooth move when moving with toddlers. Moving with toddlers can be downright difficult. Nonetheless, it is important that you stay calm during the move. Toddlers can easily pickup stressful emotions from the parent during the move. By following the insightful tips provided above, you can keep your baby happy and safe through the move.

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