Easy DIY Halloween Decor Projects

Halloween is just around the corner, and now is a great time to stock up on DIY Halloween projects and ideas to make your holiday shine. Whether you’re throwing an all-out bash or keeping things quiet at home, these great, kid-friendly Halloween ideas can keep you busy, festive, and feeling the fun all season long.

Let’s dive in.

8 Halloween DIY Projects for you and Your Family

Looking to get extra festive this year? Here are eight DIY Halloween decor projects to enjoy:

Candy Corn Garland1. Candy Corn Garland

Everyone loves popcorn garlands around Christmas, but what about candy corn garlands at Halloween? An easy DIY project that’s perfect for getting the whole family involved, candy corn garlands look great strung up along a banister or mantle. To get started, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A large, blunt needle. Look at your local craft store for something like this. A large needlepoint needle will work well.
  • Kitchen twine. Kitchen twine is small enough to form the basis of your garland but durable enough to hold up to the weight of the candy corn.
  • Candy corn. Pick up a bag at your local dollar store or a similar place.
  • Ribbon or other decorative items. Spruce up your garland to your unique tastes by adding fabric or other decorative elements you love.

To start making the garland, string the kitchen twine through your large needle. Working one candy corn at a time, puncture the soft candy and run it down the twine, toward the knot at the end. Keep going, pushing each candy snug up against the next, until you have a garland that’s the length and size you like.

2. “Boo” Banner

For a fun piece of home decor, make a “Boo” banner or bunting. To get started, you’ll just need a few pieces of felt, one black and one white. Hang the felt on a dowel strung with string, and then cut one end of the square of the felt, so it comes to a point. Next, take your white felt and cut “BOO” out of it. Using a hot glue gun, glue the letters to the piece of black felt and hang the entire piece from a wall, mantle, or other visible space.

Bat Branch Centerpiece3. Branch Centerpiece

Make your Halloween feast spookier with a DIY bat branch centerpiece. Outside, grab some backyard twigs and branches that you like. The height, size, and shape of them can vary depending on your preferences. Just make sure they’re clean and ready to accept some hot glue.

Once you’ve gathered your branches, head to your local craft store and pick up some bat cutouts. Using a hot glue gun, move one-by-one to add the bats to the branches. Allow each to dry completely and then arrange the branches in a hurricane vase to create your centerpiece.

4. Ghouls for Your HomeGhouls

Head to your local craft store to pick up some white tissue-paper bells. Cut ghoulish eyes and mouths out of black construction paper, use glue dots to attach them to the bells, and thendrape each ghoul with cheesecloth to create easy, DIY ghosts for your home, garden, or mantle.

5. Tissue-Paper Jack-O-Lanterns

While you’re picking up some white tissue-paper bells, grab a few orange tissue-paper balls, as well. Use black construction paper to cut out shapes for your Jack-o-lanterns’ mouths, noses, and eyes, and glue them onto your orange paper balls.

Using brown paper, cut out small stems and attach them to the top of each pumpkin. This is a simple project that’s perfect for adding some serious flair to your Halloween front step.

6. DIY Halloween Wreath

Head to your local craft store to pick up a foam wreath base. Then, hop over a few aisles and grab some fun Halloween appliques you like. You might choose some foam pumpkins, giggly ghouls, fall foliage, or anything else that catches your eye. Once you get home, use a hot glue gun to affix each of these fun little fall elements to the wreath base to create a truly unique item for your home.

If you’d like, you can also buy an inexpensive set of Halloween-themed string lights and run them through the substance of your wreath. This adds a beautiful layer to the wreath and ensures it’ll pop to everyone who sees it!

7. Black Candle Centerpiece

This is a straightforward DIY project that’s perfect for spicing up your dinner table. Head to a vintage or thrift store and grab an old-school candle holder. If it’s not already silver or black, grab a can of spray paint to make the color what you want it to be. Next, pick up a few tall, black candles and add them to the candle holder. Light them for a spooky flair for your Halloween table.

8. Eerie Living Room

Some Halloween crafts are too easy to be true, as is the case with this eerie living room task! To prep for a Halloween party or gathering, throw some white sheets over your furniture and drape your mantles, centerpieces, and more with faux cobwebs. Stick some willow branches into candle holders using museum wax, and, voila! You’ve got an instantly-spooky living room that’s perfect for greeting guests. Bonus – it’ll keep your furniture clean no matter how freaky the festivities get!

Easy Halloween Projects for a Stellar Celebration

DIY Halloween projects are the perfect way to take your celebration from good to great. Try these DIY Halloween ideas to keep your holiday on par and up to snuff, and to give everyone a good scare in the process!

Even if you’ve never considered yourself much of a DIY nut, these fun and simple Halloween DIY projects will keep you on your toes and give you a great way to participate in the feeling of the season. Plus, they’re the perfect way to ring in fall with family, friends, and the people you love most.

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