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Reasons to Consider Donating While Moving

What’s on your moving checklist? Declutter, pack, organize, and donate?

If the last one hasn’t earned a spot in your must-dos yet, it’s time to put it there. While moving can be overwhelming, lots of people overlook it as the perfect opportunity to donate items to charitable causes. After all, you’re scouring your closets, drawers, and storage areas, so why not send all that unwanted stuff along to someone who will use it?

If you’re still in doubt about the benefits of donating as you move, here are ten solid reasons to convince you:

Reason 1: It Will Make You Feel Good

Moving & Donating - Donations

“To Donate is to Receive Through Giving” -Anonymous

Did you know that donating makes you happier and more at peace? According to a study published in the journal Nature Communications, 50 people were told they’d get $100 in the next few weeks. Half of the people in the study were allowed to spend the money on themselves while half were asked to spend it on someone close to them.

The results showed that those who spent the money on other people made more generous decisions and had more activity in the parts of the brain associated with happiness and altruism.

Reason 2: It Makes Your Move Easier

The more stuff you can get rid of before you move, the better. While it can be tempting to cling tight to every possession you own, giving it away is a smart way to lighten your load, cut your expenses, and do some good at the same time.

Reason 3: Make a Difference in Your Community
Moving & Donating - Donations

Think about your closet for a moment: there are so many pieces in there that you probably never wear. Now think about all the people in the world and, more specifically, within your own community that doesn’t have enough clothing to get them through the week.

By donating your unneeded items to local organizations, like women’s shelters, homes for troubled youth, and senior centers, you can help the people who live and work in the same space you do.

Reason 4: You Don’t Need It

If you don’t need an item, there’s no sense in keeping it. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what so many people do. Get rid of it and give it to someone who will use it and find value in it. It’s the ultimate form of generosity and recycling.

Reason 5: You’ll Become More Organized

When you start to give away the items you don’t use, you develop a better idea of what you have, what you need, and what you should replace.

If you don’t clean your closets but once in ten years, it’s easy to start buying duplicate pieces, for example, and wasting lots of money. When you go through your items, though, you can identify what you should upgrade and what you should get rid of.

Reason 6: It’s Easier Than You Think

If you imagine that donating your unwanted items is an extensive process, think again. Lots of local organizations will come pick up your goods for you, and move them on your behalf.

Did you know: Colonial Van Lines, is proud to be partnered with Move For Hunger, a non-profit that provides hunger relief by delivering unwanted non-perishables to food banks via relocation companies like ours. Families and businesses that are relocating can set aside their unopened, non-perishable items for donation to Colonial who will deliver the items to a local shelter in need, at the direction of Move For Hunger. Learn more about our drop off location.

It’s never been so easy to do something good!

Reason 7: You Could Get a Tax Write-Off
Moving & Donating - Tax Deductions - Donations

Did you know that you can write off charitable donations on your taxes? When you give an item or a series of items to a local charity, be sure to keep a copy of your donation slip. That way, you’ll be able to factor it into your write-offs when tax time rolls around.

Reason 8: Donating Allows You to Simplify Your Life

People commonly think of donation as a way to get rid of their damaged or broken items. That shouldn’t be the approach, though. Instead, start thinking of donation as a way to share your high-end items with people who couldn’t enjoy them, otherwise.

If you’re moving toward simplifying your life or paring down your possessions, donation is a great way to get rid of items you like, but just don’t use or need.

Reasons 9: Keep it in the Family

If you want to donate to your inner circle, consider passing along unwanted clothing, goods, and furniture to your family members and friends rather than an organization or donation box. This keeps the item close but ensures it’s getting the love it needs elsewhere.

Reason 10: It Could Help You Grow Your Business
Moving & Donating - Donations

If you run a business, consider donating as a form of advertisement. Say you’re moving and don’t need to take any of your furniture with you. Why not donate it to a local school or library? Not only will you do something good, but you’ll also receive some recognition for your donation!

Do’s of Donating:
  • Clean, inspect and organize items: This is your gift to someone in need
  • Include all parts, pieces and hardware for an item: or write what is missing
  • Donate canned goods and non-perishables to specific non-profits who take them
Don’ts of Donating:
  • Donate broken or damaged items: They must be in useful condition
  • Donate recalled items: It’s not safe for you or the next person
  • Do it all on your own – call a moving company or friend to help you transport items
Donating the Smart Way

Donating is a great way to get rid of unneeded items and feel good about yourself all at once. If you’re considering donating to your local organizations, a friend or family member, or even an international organization, these smart tips can help guide you through the process.

Remember that Colonial Van Lines is passionate about donation, and we’re here to help you get rid of unwanted canned goods and anything else you’d like us to help you transport. Contact us today for more information or to get a free quote!