Easter Activities: Egg-Cellent Adult Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Easter is coming up quick, and you’re planning your annual Easter party. This year, you’ve got a bunch of adults coming, though, and you’re wondering how to keep them busy. Luckily, it’s easy to entertain your friends with a little imagination from us! If you’re looking for Easter activities to keep the adults in your group busy, here’s our complete list.

10 Fun Easter Activities for Adults

Who says adults can’t have fun at an Easter party? If you’re planning Easter activities for your upcoming party, these ten options are a great way to step the festivities up to the next level and keep all your guests having a great time:

Activity 1. Make it a Treasure Hunt

Easter Activities - Adult Scavenger Hunt - Easter Scavenger Hunt - Adult Easter

Instead of stuffing your eggs with candy, stuff them with clues that lead your Easter egg hunters to find the grand prize.

What constitutes that grand prize is up to you. It could be some cash, a gift card to your favorite restaurant, or directions to a big-ticket gift, like a grill or some home furnishings.

In addition to being a great way to keep your guests engaged, this also sparks some friendly competition and ensures your guests will be happy to participate in your party.

Activity 2. Put on an Easter-Centered Drinking Game

Easter Activities - Adult Drinking Game - Easter Scavenger Hunt - Adult Easter

If you’re hosting a party for guests who are over 21, make the Easter egg hunt into a drinking game. Before you set out to search for eggs, lay out some craft cocktails on a table and have everyone grab one.

From there, set out to find eggs, each of which has been stuffed with some directives about how many sips the finder has to take. If you want to make it a bit more fun, make your Easter activities into a “Never-Have-I-Ever” theme, or create a game of Truth or Dare. If the finder is guilty or chooses a dare, they have to drink.

A great way to have some moderately risqué fun, this is a fantastic activity to add to your Easter lineup.

Activity 3. Throw a Beauty Hunt

Easter Activities - Beauty Hunt - Scavenger Hunt - Easter Scavenger Hunt - Adult Easter

Have some girlfriends over this Easter and make your egg hunt into a beauty hunt. One of the best Easter activities for a group of ladies, this is an awesome way to supply your friends with treats they want and make your party that much more in-demand.

For best results, head to your local department store and pick up a bunch of free samples of beauty products. This could include packets of foundations, serums, perfumes, and more. Stuff the samples into eggs and hide them around your backyard for a fun and adult-friendly hunt. You can also raid the travel isle at the pharmacy or the shelves at the fronts of beauty stores where smaller versions of beauty items are placed

Activity 4. Create a Beer Hunt

Easter Activities - Beer Hunt - Adult Scavenger Hunt - Easter Scavenger Hunt - Adult Easter

If you have a group of beer-loving friends, swap your Easter baskets for wooden beer caddies. Hide single bottles of craft and locally-sourced beers around your backyard and have people find them and fill up their caddies.

Your guests get to take home the beers they find, and you get to enjoy a fun and exciting Easter party that breaks the mold. Keep your budget in check by hiding the expensive ones thoughtfully. You can include other less-expensive beer related prizes such as bottle openers, fun coasters and beer swag from the breweries or beer distributors. It can also be fun to hide a couple duds, so save some empties. Hey it’s your Adult Easter Scavenger hunt.

Activity 5. Swap Eggs for an Easter Piñata

Easter Activities - Easter Piñata - Adult Scavenger Hunt - Easter Scavenger Hunt - Adult Easter

Instead of stuffing Easter eggs and hiding them around your yard, pick up an Easter-egg shaped piñata at your local grocery or specialty store.

The first task, once all the guests have arrived, is to have a competitive search for this Easter piñata. Whoever finds the piñata gets first crack at it.

Fill it full of fun, grown-up prizes like lottery tickets, golf tees, lipsticks, cosmetics samples, mini bottles of alcohol, or anything else that suits your friend group, string it up from a tree and turn people loose.

Even if the piñata is grown-up, the festivities don’t have to be! Blindfold your friends, spin them around, give them something to hit it with, and let the hilarity begin!

Activity 6. Truth or Dare Egg Hunt

Easter Activities - Adult Scavenger Hunt - Easter Scavenger Hunt - Adult Easter

Make your egg hunt a little extra hilarious by adding a slip of paper with a written dare on it. Every time someone finds an egg, they have to complete the dare before they can add the egg to their basket.

This keeps the hunt fun and exciting. Get a little funky with your dares – have your friends hop around like baby bunnies or dump a bucket of ice water on their head. The wilder you get with the dares, the heartier the belly laughs!  However, the wilder your dares are, the more enticing of a prize you should offer them to ensure they participate.

Activity 7. Twist Traditional Mexican Traditions

Easter Activities - Adult Scavenger Hunt - Easter Scavenger Hunt - Adult Easter

In Mexico, there’s a set of Easter activities known as CascaronesCascarones are hollowed-out eggs that are filled with confetti. When egg hunters find these eggs, they smash them on the nearest player’s heads.

It’s one of those fun and light-hearted Easter activities that leads to lots of laughs. Twist the tradition a bit by filling one egg with glitter. Whoever gets the glitter egg smashed on their head wins a special prize like a bit of cash or a gift card.

If you’ve never hollowed eggs out before, you simply use a needle to poke a small hole in one end of a large egg, place your mouth on the other side of the egg, and blow the fillings out. Dye the eggs before you fill them for a pretty touch. Don’t worry about wasting the raw eggs, whip them into shape for an Easter morning omelet bake.

Activity 8. Add a Golden Ticket to Your Easter Activities

Easter Activities - Adult Scavenger Hunt - Easter Scavenger Hunt - Adult Easter

Become the Willy Wonka of your Easter celebration by filling a single egg with a golden ticket. Have your party guests toss some money in a pot when they enter the party.

Later, whoever finds the “golden ticket” egg claims the whole pot. If money isn’t your thing, offer a gift card to a local restaurant or some other small prize.

Activity 9. Create Easter Egg Jell-O Shots

Easter Activities - Adult Drinking Game - Easter Scavenger Hunt - Adult Easter

Buy some Easter egg Jell-O molds and fill them with Jell-O shot mixtures. When the molds are finished, place the boozy little eggs in bowls around the house.

As guests mingle, the only rule is that they have to take a Jell-O shot every time they “find” a bowl of them. It’s a grown-up version of a standard Easter egg hunt.

Activity 10. Throw an Unforgettable Party

Easter Activities - Adult Scavenger Hunt - Easter Scavenger Hunt - Adult Easter

If you’ve ever thought an Easter party has to be boring or all about the kids, think again! These fun Easter activities will keep your adult guests engaged, happy, and laughing the whole party long! Trust us if you follow any of our ideas for throwing an unforgettable Easter party, your home will become the new Easter house!

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