How to (Pumpkin) Spice up Your New Home

In the summer, we spend a lot of time entertaining outside. Porches become living rooms, lounge chairs become recliners, and grills become microwaves. When autumn returns, we too return, to the inside of our house, and realize how much our autumn home décor needs a makeover. With this in mind, you may be searching for more tips for your new home either for seasonal decor ideas or helpful hacks and home improvements. No matter what you need, we’ve got you covered.

Autumn is the season for traditions, and while we wouldn’t have our Thanksgivings without Grandma’s Apple Pie recipe, sometimes we want to change up the décor a bit; to put a little of the unconventional into time-honored conventions. Every year comes a new chance for reinvention. Here are some ways of “pumpkin spicing” up your autumn home décor to fit your artistic vision.

Autumn Home Décor in the Living Room Fall Decor

After summer is done, prepare to be reacquainted with your living room. Remember that place where everyone hangs out and looks at their cell phones? Maybe a touch of fall will jar them out of their trance.

Flowers and pumpkins

Flowers may not be a small change, but you might be surprised what a big difference a few fall blooms can bring to spirit to your living room.

A vase full of goldenrods or hydrangeas will do the trick to bring the fall into your décor, on a side table, and pinecones and pumpkins can be strategically placed to enhance the effect.

Our DIY choice: Blue pumpkins with flowers. Paint the pumpkins with chalk blue paint, dig out the centers and fill with flowers. Steal this autumn home décor idea!

Throw Pillows

We’re willing to bet that after you see the change your flowers are making in your house, you’re not going to want to stop there. Flowers may wilt, but throw pillows are forever. (Ok, maybe not forever, but you should be able to count on them lasting throughout the season.)

When you’re picking throw pillows for your living room, you’re not looking for something you can sleep on, you’re looking accent pieces, and when you’re looking for throw pillows for autumn, you want throw pillows with the accent on autumn.

Autumn is about color as well as texture. You can try and orange/red traditional combo, or do your own take, with festive red tones and magentas. Add a few textured pillows for a regal look and contrast.

Fall DecorFall Color SchemesFall Decor

When autumn comes around, jewel colors are always on trend, but a whole room makeover may not necessarily be in the budget. There are a lot of ways to do fall without having to invest in a new furniture set.

Slipcovers on the furniture can give the temporary look of fall to any chair or table. After all, fall won’t stick around forever, why should fall toned furniture? Copper and gold tones are also great in the fall, so make sure to include some metallics in your fall décor palette.

Autumn Home Décor in the Bedroom Fall Decor

Autumn is the season for cuddling, and most of that cuddling is going to take place in the bedroom. Here are some tips for getting your bedroom cuddle-ready.

The Chill Bedroom

We don’t want the chill in our bedrooms, but we do want to chill in our bedrooms. Hanging fairy lights can be a wonderful way of setting a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. String some over your bed, turn up the heat, and get ready to enjoy the autumn weather the right way.

Throw Blankets

Fall DecorWhen bedding down for autumn, throw blankets are a must. Not only do they create the image of warmth, they actually create warmth! How’s that for functional and fashionable? Cable knits are luxurious and practical, and there’s fur is for the most daring. While you’re in the throes of your throws, consider mixing it up with some patterns: patchworks and plaids are ideal for autumn décor.

Area Rugs

Wood flooring is beautiful, but not necessarily when your feet touch it in the morning. If you love the luxury of a wooden floor and the comfort of plush carpeting. You can have the best of both worlds with and comfy autumnal area rug.

Just imagine waking up to islands of fur and shag in eye-dazzling detail with all the colors of fall blended in. Look for neutral colors for a grounding look, or patterns for greater depth and texture.

Autumn Home Décor in the Bathroom

The center of the house during the holidays may be the dining room, but the bathroom will come in a close second. While your guests are spending so much time in there, you might as well give them something to look at, and maybe something to keep it smelling fresh as well.

Leaf Prints

Framed leaf prints are an easy way of bringing autumn leaves into the house without worrying about crackling leaves on the furniture. Not only can the leaf prints lend some festive scenery to your bathroom, but they can also double as a fall craft for the kids. Plant some leaves in your bathroom this year and give your kids artistic bragging rights.

Hand Soap Dispensers

When you’re dressing up your bathroom for fall, why not make your hand soap dispenser autumn-atic? Buy some spicy hand soap and tie a festive ribbon around to pump-kin up the volume in your bathroom. Add a decorative pumpkin and some fall blooms to enhance the effect.

Fall decor ScentsScents

There is no house that does not look better when it smells good, and fall is the season for scents. We can’t all have a pumpkin spice cake in the oven 24/7, but we can make it smell like we do.

Essential oils are all the buzz lately, and you can DIY your own concoction. Pick your favorite fall scents (we’re loving wild orange and cinnamon oils) and mix them in a bottle with vodka and spray. BTW: Essential oils are also used to treat ailments, so they may just keep the doctor away this fall as well.

Lastly, when to want to simmer down at the end of the day, making your own simmer pot can be the perfect way to do it. Fill a pot with fruit, water, and herbs, and bring to a boil. Let simmer and experience a day of aromatic indulgence that will have the neighbors simmering with envy.

Make your house something you can be thankful for this year. We wish you the most wonderful of autumn and the most wonderful of autumn home décor.

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