Increasing Home Value - Why You Should Finish Your Basement

What’s in your basement besides exposed pipes, some old exercise equipment, and the main power source for your house? Potential. Yes, believe it or not behind the musty, dank, and dimly lit exterior lurks loads of potential just waiting for your inspired ideas and artistic vision to unleash it. But, finishing a basement has more advantages than meet the eye. Read on to find out why upgrading the basement will pay off in the long run.

Reasons for Upgrading the Basement

So, what’s upgrading your basement worth to you? A significant amount of living space, a nice return on your investment, a faster home sale, and a little extra lunch money.

Adding A Bedroom in the Basement

It may occur to you to use the new space afforded to you by your finished basement to add a bedroom to your house. And well you might do. But keep in mind that for that bedroom to be technically considered a bedroom, it must have two forms of egress, or points of exit. A window may be considered a form of egress, if and only if it is large enough for a fully uniformed fireman to fit through. The bedroom must also have a closet.

Although it may seem like a daunting task, it may be a worthwhile one. The addition of the bedroom will increase both the value of your property and your home’s appeal to buyers.

Adding Another Bathroom to Your Home

An extra bathroom is a welcome addition to any house – but not an inexpensive one. Plumbers are costly, plumbing equipment is costly, as is tiling the walls and the floor. If you can foot the bill, however, the functionality and convenience provided by an additional bathroom will add value to your home and may help you sell it faster.

Finishing the Basement Adds Space to Your Home

If the bedroom’s too much work and the bathroom’s too expensive, don’t give up hope! Any addition to your house is a good addition.  Although it may not count toward the square footage of your house, a finished basement is a homebuyer’s jackpot. It’s an unexpected bonus and homebuyers love the options that a finished basement offers.

Finishing the Basement Adds Value to Your Home

According to Home Advisor, a basement remodel can add 70% to the return on your investment.  So, for every $1000 you put into your basement, that’s $700 added to the value of your home. Therefore, if you spend $15,000 on remodeling your basement, your property value increases by a cool $10,500.

Your Unfinished Basement Is an Energy Vampire

An unfinished basement with insufficient insulation allows air to escape. The added insulation provided by a finished basement will help to regulate the temperature and reduce the energy needed to cool or heat your home. Whether you’re going green or saving green, a finished basement will help.

DIY and Save Some Money

If you happen to be handy, you can save quite a few bucks by finishing a good deal of the basement by yourself. Even if you have to outsource for the more complex components, such as the plumbing and electricity, you can still make a worthy contribution by laying the flooring, putting up the drywall, or painting the area.

Upgrade the Basement at Bargain Basement Prices

When it comes to choosing finishing materials, think functional rather than fashionable. Keep in mind that most people are happy to have a finished basement with water, heat, and electricity, much less luxury paneling.  And if you’re thinking hardwood, think again. Hardwood is actually one of the worst materials for finishing a basement, as it warps easily in damp areas.

A Word from Colonial Van Lines

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