The Six Places that Get Overlooked When Cleaning a New Home

You’ve finally done it! After months of tedious planning, packing and repacking, you’re at your new place. It’s natural to have the urge to start unboxing your belongings so that you can get settled in ASAP. But before you can start arranging furniture, you need to give your new home a good deep clean.

Even if the former tenants seemed to do a pretty good job cleaning all of what’s visible, there are bound to be some places they neglected. Whether you’re moving into a new construction home or an established home, dust and dirt can lurk in unexpected places. Take a look at the six most common places people forget to clean when moving into a new home.

Tops of Cabinets, Doors and Ceiling Corners

It’s easy to ignore things that aren’t in our direct line of sight. A duster with an extendable handle will allow you to capture dust and spider webs from hard-to-reach places. If you don’t have one, you can use a microfiber cloth attached to a broom or mop handle with a rubber band.

Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Light fixtures and ceiling fans are notorious for accumulating a ton of dust. Most people have wiped down these items during a routine cleaning only to discover that in a short period of time, a literal handful of dust has accrued. Suffice to say, even if these items look clean from where you’re standing, it’s best to give them a thorough wipe down.

If you’ve got a step ladder, whip it out and investigate these areas. It’ll give you a good idea of how much deep cleaning you’ll need to do on the other out of sight places in the house.

Maybe you’ve avoided cleaning you’re ceiling fan blades regularly because of the dirt that inevitably gets strewn around the room when you wipe it down. To avoid a dust shower, slip an old pillowcase over each blade to trap the dust while you wipe it down.

Air Filters and Vents

Most homes have central heating and air. This means that there’s ductwork that connects the entire system to each room in your home. If the air returning to the system isn’t filtered (or if a filter change is long overdue), dust and pollen particles and other particulates that can cause allergies will blow back into your living spaces instead of getting trapped in the filter.

Unless the previous residents told you that they just changed the air filter, it’s best to change it when you move in. There are lots of filters available, from high quality HEPA filters to inexpensive disposable mesh filters. Whichever filter you use, you should clean or change it every two to three months. When you’re changing the filter, take some extra time to clean the vent grates too.

If you have single window unit filters and vents, be sure to give them a thorough cleaning, too.

Inside Appliances

You’ve probably already thought to wipe down the interiors of the fridge, microwave and stove (if not, this is your reminder). But do you have cleaning the garbage disposal, washing machine and dishwasher on your list?

To clean the disposal, create a cleaning foam by pouring in ½ cup baking soda and then slowly adding ½ cup distilled white vinegar. Keep the disposal off. The cleaning mixture will foam up to reach every crevice. When the foaming stops, flush it with hot water.

Whether you’re moving into a home that already has a washing machine or you brought yours with you, it could probably use a thorough cleaning. After all, if your washing machine is dirty, you can’t expect to have clean clothes. Adding one quart of chlorine bleach to an empty washer and then running a hot water wash cycle with an extra rinse cycle will do the trick.

With an empty dishwasher, take the bottom rack out and inspect the drain strainer and detergent dispenser for debris. Then, clean the strainer with a soft-bristled brush and replace the rack. Fill a glass bowl with one cup of distilled white vinegar and put it on the top rack. Run a hot water wash cycle, skipping the drying cycle. Then, sprinkle in one cup of baking soda along the dishwasher floor and run another hot water cycle.

Underneath Appliances

Most of us forget or perhaps we conveniently “forget” to clean the undersides of our appliances, swiftly scrubbing around them week after week while dirt accrues underneath.

To thoroughly clean underneath your appliances, make sure you first unplug them. Then, after pulling them out, go about vacuuming and mopping the area and replace the appliance when the area is dry.

Doorknobs, Light Switches and Outlet Covers

It’s tiny things in our homes that are often overlooked that can harbor serious germs. To disinfect them, spray rubbing alcohol or household cleaner onto a cloth and wipe them down. Avoid spraying the light switch itself. Then, use a Q-tip to get any grime hiding in the cracks.

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