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Friendly Etiquette When Friends Help You Move

When friends help you move, it’s the ultimate gesture of loyalty and generosity. Think about it, not only are they waking up early and committing to a long day, but they are sacrificing their time with family. On top of it all, instead of relaxing for the weekend, they are working up a sweat with some tiring manual labor.

6 Tips to Show Appreciation When Friends Help You Move

There’s no better opportunity such as when friends help you move to show your gratitude for your relationship. While there are many ways to thank them, starting with some thoughtful etiquette will go a long way. Here are 6 tips to create a successful operation when friends help you move.

Asking the Right Friends to Help You Move

Tip 1. Asking the Right Friends 

When selecting friends to help you move, consider their current situation first. If they have a hectic schedule or juggle a lot of responsibility, they may not be the best candidates for the job. It’s also important to note that you’ll need at least one or two people who are fit to lift heavy weight and maneuver up the truck ramp or flights of stairs (for some.)

Secondly, it is recommended that you give your potential helpers enough time to arrange for the day off or to find childcare, etc. In an alternate perspective, friends may feel put on the spot if you procrastinate. They may feel obligated to commit because of your desperation which is not thoughtful etiquette.

Lastly, it is best only to approach closer friends vs. casual acquaintances. Not only are your good friends less likely to flake, but the closeness of your relationship ensures they’ll complete the job with the care it requires.

It can be a fuzzy line to draw when determining if someone is close enough as a friend to help you move. However, you can eliminate a few with this question: Will moving day be the first time they’ve been invited to your home? If so, it’s a no-go.

Declutter Your Belongings When Moving

Tip 2.  Declutter Your Belongings

Lighten the load and the (burden on your friends’ backs) by decluttering your home before moving day.

Start the process a few weeks before your moving date, and either give away or donate the items you don’t need. If you have items you can’t bear to get rid of but don’t want to move, store them in off-site storage, which will keep them safe until you need them again.

Another option to help lighten the load can be to throw a yard sale and see if you are willing to part with some belongings for the right price. You can use your earnings in several ways that include your friends:

  • Decorate Your Most Popular Hang-out Area
  • Throw a Housewarming Party
  • Cater the Moving Day
Friends Help You Move - Pack Yourself

Tip 3. Take Care of Packing Yourself

Loading and unloading heavy boxes and moving bulky furniture is enough of a chore for your buddies. It will alleviate some moving-day pressure if your friends don’t also have to manage packing all of your belongings into boxes.

Ideally, this is a task for you to tackle over the course of several weeks leading up to moving day. This is another reason why decluttering a few weeks out is important, so your friends don’t have to determine what stays and what goes.

Overall, it’s best to take the initiative with packing so that moving day can be swift and streamlined for your friends. Ultimately, it will combat confusion which will give your friends peace-of-mind and keep the working-mood positive.

Friends Help You Move - Get Early Access

Tip 4.  Get Early Access

If you can get early access to your apartment or new home, take full advantage of it. Instead of waiting until moving day to deploy your horde of friends, make a few solo trips to your new home and move some small items yourself. That way, your friends only have to swoop in for the major items that are hard to move solo.

While you have early access, you can turn on the air to make your new home refreshing for the unloading process. Perhaps you could stock the fridge with beverages they’ll enjoy during break time.

Also, in consideration for the unloading process, it’s a good idea to label boxes or use a color code system so your friends will know where you want them to place items in your new home. This takes the guesswork out of unloading, which your friends will appreciate.

Friends Help You Move - Feed Your Friends

Tip 5. Feed Your Friends

It’s easy to boost morale when friends help you move: feed them. Not only does this provide the nourishment they need to lug those boxes, but it’s also a very tangible way to demonstrate your thankfulness and create a fun atmosphere.

Since your kitchen equipment will be out of commission here are some options to feed your crew on a budget.

  • Order Pizzas: Ask what your friends’ favorite toppings are and order some combinations based on their preferences. All you’ll need is napkins and paper plates. Add some variety by purchasing some garden salads for a side, if your friends are particularly health conscious.
  • Sandwich Staples: Keep some party subs covered with upside-down food containers and let your friends snack when the mood strikes. For added convenience, order your subs dry and with packaged condiments handy. This will please they mayo lovers/haters alike.
  • Pick-up Chinese: Takeout boxes are perfect for moving day. Provide a thoughtful variety of proteins, veggies and some hand-held treats like spring rolls for an effortless moving-day meal your friends will appreciate. Make sure you get a few forks for the “chop-stick challenged.”

Pro-Tip: If you don’t want to break away to pick up food, try a meal delivery app like Grub Hub. They use a third party to deliver restaurant orders to your doorstep. Chances are, there may be one operating nearby.

Friends Help You Move - Keep Pets Contained

Tip 6. Keep Pets Contained

Plan to keep furry friends out of the way on moving day. Chances are your pets and your friends get along great, but with the task at hand, pets become a distraction as well as hinder productivity. When your friends are carrying big boxes and navigating large furniture around corners, it’s not safe for a cat or dog to be running between their legs.

Furthermore, it can be burdensome for your friends to constantly have to ensure the doors are closed while making multiple trips. Ultimately, it is best to make arrangements for your pet to visit a helpful friend or relative so you don’t run the risk of them escaping while the door is open.

If friends or family can’t sit for you, consider boarding them for the day in a pet-friendly environment. There are many websites, businesses and apps (such as WAG! )cropping up for pet sitting, so there is a good chance you can find someone in your area.

Thank Your Friends Who Help You Move

Moving is a big job, and no one should have to do it alone.

If you’re are lucky to have a group of willing and able-bodied friends, it’s smart to develop a plan to thank everyone for their assistance. Of course, feeding your friends is always appreciated. However, now you have some additional steps to show your gratitude for their help.

If all else fails in finding help for moving day, you can still hire a professional moving company. Colonial Van Lines will be happy to give you a free quote and help you start planning your move today. Contact our team to learn more!

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