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7 Garage Packing Tips to Take You Through Moving Day

Looking for garage packing tips to make your upcoming move as simple and streamlined as possible? You’re in luck! While the garage often serves as a home’s “dump zone,” packing it quickly and efficiently as possible. You just have to know how. Here’s your step-by-step guide. Garage packing can feel like a daunting task. Use these smart tips to keep the process organized and simple, from start to finish.

Tip 1. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Nobody wants to cope with a last-minute garage packing session. To save yourself from the stress associated with this, give yourself plenty of time to begin your move. At the very least, you should start packing and organizing your garage at least three weeks before you move, if not a month or two before.

Not only does this allow you to move at a more leisurely pace, but it also ensures you don’t make readily avoidable moving mistakes.

Tip 2. Pack in Order of Importance

The great thing about the garage is, even if it’s packed, most of the items within it probably aren’t things you use every day. This gives you lots of latitude to start packing early. As you begin your move, start packing items in order of importance.

This might mean organizing and packing shovels and ice melt (if it’s summer) and moving into ski gear, out-of-season essentials, and similar items. As you pack these things, be objective about whether or not you need them. If you haven’t used them in a more than a year, consider giving them away instead of putting them in a box.

Tip 3. Get Organized

As you comb through your garage, you should also be thinking about how best to organize the area. The best rule of thumb for this is to keep like items with like items. This means grouping tools with tools, keeping rakes and brooms in a similar area, and keeping all of your patio furniture together, with associated cushions and accessories. The more you can do this now, the more likely it is you’ll have a successful move.

Tip 4. Purchase the Right Moving Supplies

The moving supplies you purchase for the garage will likely be a bit different than what you purchase for the rest of the house. Not only will you need heavier, more robust boxes, but you might need additional accessories, like bubble wrap, packing tape, and packing paper. Before you head to your local moving store, take stock of your garage.

What will need extra padding? What’s going in a box? Make a list of the things you might need and don’t be afraid to buy slightly more than you estimated. Most moving stores will buy back unused boxes and accessories if you don’t wind up needing them.

Tip 5. Know What NOT to Pack

Knowing what you shouldn’t pack in your garage is as important as knowing what you should bring along. The garage is home to lots of hazardous substances, including paint, gasoline, aerosol cans, and fertilizers. If you’re moving your garage, you should be sure not to bring these things along. Not only is moving these items dangerous, but many states have rules prohibiting people from moving dangerous or highly flammable substances. Dispose of these properly before you go.

Tip 6. Start Packing

The way you’ll pack your garage depends in large part on what you store inside it. As a general rule, you’ll have an easier time if you just focus on keeping like items with like items.

Tools like screwdrivers and drill bits should go together in a tightly shut toolbox, large or tall items can get corralled in an empty trash bin to keep them upright (don’t forget to run a length of rope around them to keep them from spreading apart), and yard care items like lawnmowers and weed-whackers should be drained of fuel and packed individually.

Tip 7. Label Everything

Just like you would elsewhere in the house, be sure to label any boxes you pack in your garage. Good labeling is twofold: each box should feature a note about what it contains, and where it should go when you arrive at your new home. This helps your unpacking process stay organized, and helps ensure you pack any fragile or small items on the top of the moving truck, rather than buried under everything else.

Garage Packing Tips Just For You

When it comes time to pack your garage, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. While there’s a lot to think about in the process, it can be simple and straightforward if you know where to start. For more garage packing tips, or to get a free moving quote, contact Colonial Van Lines today!