Genius Tips for Moving in the Spring

Ah, spring. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and you’re moving. What could go wrong with that? The weather is perfect, the roads are safe, the moving prices are reasonable, selling your home will be a (spring) breeze, and you’ll make a killing at the garage sale. But moving in the spring also has its drawbacks: your kids are still in school, and spring is notorious for unpredictable weather.

At first glance, the pros seem to outweigh the cons, but that’s provided the weight is distributed evenly. Remember, kids weigh a lot if you’re a parent. The fact that they’re still in school could be the deciding factor. On the other hand, if you don’t have kids, the fact that school is still in session is inconsequential. You can see how complicated moving in spring gets. 

At Colonial Van Lines, we can’t decide for you, but we can give you a few tips on how to make your spring moving experience easy. Here are the pros, the cons, and the tips for success when it comes to moving in the spring.

The Pros of Moving in the Spring

A time for new beginnings, spring is generally considered to be an auspicious time to move. Pros include:

Nice Weather: Neither intimidatingly cold nor blisteringly hot, spring has the ideal weather conditions for moving house. Heavy lifting is easier in the mild weather, and there’s no need to take precautions when it comes to protecting your belongings from extreme weather conditions.

Safe Roads: No ice, no snow, no problem. With the worst of the road conditions behind you, driving is relatively safe during the spring.

Affordable Moving Costs: The moving season begins to peak in April, but if you schedule your move in early spring, you’ll beat the mid-May rush when prices start to soar. Book early and you’re likely to receive a substantial bargain.  

Reliable Movers: Because moving companies won’t be fully booked during the early spring, you’ll have a wide selection of trustworthy companies to choose from. Plus, fewer clients for the moving company means the movers will be able to give your move their (less) divided attention. 

Choice of Moving Dates: The fewer bookings the moving companies have, the greater the chance you have of securing your preferred date. The greater your chances of securing your preferred date, the greater the chance of your relocation going exactly according to plan. And who doesn’t love it when that happens?

The Ideal Time to Sell Your Home: Summer is the time for moving; spring is the time for selling. With many Americans wanting to move during summer when the kids are out of school, you’ll have the upper hand closing the deal on your home.  Fewer negotiations and higher demand make for a quick sale with a little extra money to put toward your move.

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Garage Sale:  Get out the lawn chairs and the lemonade! The glorious weather makes spring ideal for garage sales. The locals are out enjoying the weather, and your trash may just be their treasure.

The Cons of Moving in the Spring

As you were reading this, it may have occurred to you that one of the underlying reasons moving in spring so advantageous is that not everyone does it. And it’s a good thing they don’t – because if they did, moving in spring would be far less advantageous. So, what stops millions of Americans from taking off to greener pastures once greener pastures become greener? Cons include:

  1. Kids are Still in School

Depending on what you read, taking kids out of school in the middle of the school year to move will cause drama at best, and trauma at worst. Most parents don’t want to risk it, and who can blame them?  The fact that kids are still in school during the spring is enough of a reason for most parents to hold off until the summer.

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  • Unpredictable Weather

April showers may bring May flowers, but they can also bring problematic road conditions. You may need to take precautions to make sure your belongings are safe from water damage, and your family is safe on the road.

Tips on Moving in the Spring

If you’ve decided that moving in spring is your thing, why not make sure it’s the best it can be? Here are some tips from Colonial Van Lines on making your spring move fruitful.

  1. Spring ahead of the competition. As we mentioned before, the way to reap the full benefits of a spring move is by booking early.  By the time mid-May rolls around, the moving rates will soar, and the availability of moving companies and dates will be limited.
  • Beware of Pollen. When you’re moving in the spring, the pollen count counts. Seal your boxes tightly to keep pollen out, keep the windows of your house shut to prevent yellow or green dust from entering, and keep your allergy meds at close at hand. 
  • Prepare for Unpredictable Weather. Remember, spring mornings can be chilly, so layer up accordingly. Have some plastic wrap handy to cover your belongings in case of heavy rain or drizzle, and don’t skimp on the sunscreen!

Choose A Moving Company That Will Make Your Spring Move Stress Free

At Colonial Van Lines, we think when you move is equally as important as who you choose to move with. No matter when you choose to work with us, we make sure that you’re getting the lowest rates around on the services that you need. And our free rate quotes make sure that you’re not paying for the services that you don’t.

As the Nation’s Top-Rated Moving company, we’re prepared to handle every aspect of your move. From planning to packing, to transport to storage, our team of experts will customize a plan that will cover your needs without exceeding your budget. We design our free rate quote to give you a detailed breakdown of your expenses before you hire us. You’ll never find hidden fees or tacked on expenses that weren’t a part of your original package in our contracts. 

Spring may come but once a year, but Colonial Van Lines is here for your 24/7.  Request our free rate quote today, and we’ll get you moving in the spring, summer, winter, or fall.

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