Handling Your Empty Nest After the Kids Move Away

It usually hits you right after you’ve finished removing the parental controls your home Wi-Fi network.  Empty nest syndrome. It’s the phenomenon in which parents feel sadness and loss when their kids move away.  Even if it means that you no longer have to filter your child’s social media access, it can still be painful. It’s only normal to miss playing a role in your child’s life.

Don’t worry, you’ll grow out of it. If your children can do it, so can you. Research shows that an empty nest can reduce tension and give time for parents to reconnect with one another. The key is to stay positive and to take on new challenges. You might consider downsizing. Moving to a smaller place can make sense financially and practically.  Plus, leaving your empty nest behind can be the new start you’re looking for.

At Colonial Van Lines, we can help you put your empty nest and your empty nest syndrome behind you. Let’s take a look at how we can get you from point A to point B in your life as well as in your moving.

Tips for Embracing the Empty Nest When the Kids Move Away

When Colonial Van Line does a moving job, we’re just as concerned with our customers’ overall happiness as we are with our customer satisfaction rating. We may not be licensed therapists, but we have done our homework on empty nest syndrome. Here are some coping tips for empty nesters that we think might be helpful, no extra charge.

  1. Keep busy

 An empty nest is no excuse for resigning yourself to nights of sad songs and wine glasses. Start thinking about all those things you’ve been thinking about doing and do them, or at least make an attempt. Whether it’s learning to speak  German or just learning to make a German chocolate cake, you may discover a talent you never knew you had – very empowering.  

  • Talk to Someone

Don’t get so busy that you don’t have time to address your feelings. Keep the lines of communication open, whether the communication is with family, friends, or a professional. Many of your friends may be going through empty nest syndrome as well and will find talking just as therapeutic for them as it is for you.

  • Keep in touch with your kids

Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and stay in contact. Just because your kids move away, you don’t want to lose contact with them completely. If they’ve got a busy schedule or are in a different time zone, try to call them at convenient times or set up a visit or even a video chat. They’re probably missing you as much as you’re missing them.

  • Look to the Future: Downsizing

Our last tip for coping with empty nest syndrome is to focus on the future. After caring for your kids for years, it’s time to be a little selfish. Why not start by thinking about downsizing and all the financial benefits you’ll gain from it?  At Colonial Movers, we say, “Let the healing begin.” Here are some of the benefits you can start focusing on to speed the recovery process.

Benefits of an Empty Nest

Lower Housing Expenses

When you downsize, lower housing payments go without saying. However, a lower mortgage, (If applicable) lower property taxes, and a lower insurance rate aren’t the only things you have to look forward to. Housing expenses go down as well. A smaller property means less maintenance and decorating costs and lower utility bills. And it doesn’t stop there. A two-bedroom apartment costs a lot less for a maid to clean than a three-bedroom house if you get where we’re going.

Freed Up Money

Hallelujah! Freed up money at last. A lot of money can get tied up in home finances and you’d be surprised by how much you can find to spend it on. But not too quickly, the smart money goes into investments. Pour it into a pension fund, college fund, retirement fund, pay off a student loan, or become debt free for the first time. That’s surely liberating. You might also want to think about reinvesting in other properties. It’s never too late for real estate and with the information on the internet, comparing home loans has never been easier.

DeClutter for Cash

No matter how much you miss your children, chances are you’re not going to miss that pile of books that they never got around to reading. Luckily, finding a home for your clutter is not as difficult as finding a home for yourself, plus it can be profitable as well as practical. While donating is very rewarding, eBay, social media, and yard sales have their own rewards, especially if you’re looking to add to your windfall. Goodwill and Freecycle are recommended if you’re thinking more along the lines of donation.

Moving to A Condo

Another way to kick that empty nest blues is by thinking of that luxury condo you’ll be moving to. Condos are a popular choice for monied empty nesters looking to simplify their lives while improving the quality. Benefits of moving into a condo include:

  • Less Maintenance:  Say goodbye to mowing the lawn and weeding the flower beds. Condos have the low maintenance advantage. That means less pressure on your back and less pressure on you in general.
  • Onsite Amenities: Not all condos have the same amenities, but an all-access pass to a pool/ tennis court/ community room/ gym/ fill in the blank, usually comes with the package.
  • Strong Sense of Community: What’s life without friends? Live in a condo and you’ll immediately find yourself surrounded by a warm circle of friends united by the pride in their community.

Bonus Tip: If you’re moving to a condo, get in touch with the landlord to find out where you can park the moving truck and unload it. You might have to reserve a parking spot or the elevator,

Starting to feel better? We hope so. At Colonial Van Lines, we may not be able to rid you of your empty nest syndrome, we can help and come clean out your empty nest when your kids move away, and we think that’s making progress.  If you want to start focusing on moving forward, and on moving in general, click here for a free quote or download our app.

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