Helping Your Child Design Their New Room

A kid’s bedroom is their kingdom. This is the place where a lot of cherished, fond memories are formed. Also, a kid’s personality is molded by what their first, immediate surroundings appear like. This is why it is important to create a kid’s bedroom design that features their favorite toys, colors, artwork, beloved furniture, soft sheets and covers, and so forth. Fortunately, Colonial Van Lines, your reliable and trusted mover, have put together some incredible kids bedroom ideas to help you out.

Kid’s Bedroom Design Ideas:

Furthermore, most kids have a particular vision of how they want their bedroom to look like. A lot of kid’s bedroom design ideas are inspired by fairy tales, movie sets, favorite cartoons, and more. Often times, most parents find it difficult to create the perfect playful bedroom design for their little ones. This is why it is vital to understand your child’s character, passion, and interests. With this, you can create the perfect bedroom design for your kids.

Also, when designing their bedroom, involving your kids will be very helpful. You need to consider their preferred style, interest, and the available budget. In this post, we will be giving you some kids bedroom ideas to help create a comfortable sleeping environment for your kids.

Mix Colors and Patterns

When it comes to matching colors and patterns in the kid’s bedroom, a lot of parents believe that too bright colors may end up looking bad. However, there are kids that prefer these bright colors in their bedroom. Mixing colors and patterns is the right thing to do.

What’s more, mixing colors and patterns in your kid’s bedroom design is a great way to bring style and personality to the room. Create a perfect mix of your preferred colors and those of your kids. Use this to create lovely designs and patterns in the kid’s room. Also, you can create a solid focal wall while making the rest complimenting colors. With this, you can give your kids’ bedroom the electric look and sparkle it deserves.

Display Your Kid’s Passion or Prized Possession?

What is your child passionate about? Is your child a rising star? Right from a young age, most kids have things they are passionate about. These can range from interests, hobbies, and so forth. Add a picture or wallpaper of your kid’s favorite cartoon to the wall. If your child loves surfing or swimming, you can hang a surfboard on the wall.

Also, if your child loves music, hanging a guitar or his/her favorite musical instrument on the wall will be an incredible idea. In your kid’s bedroom design, showcasing your child’s interests or hobbies is the right way to go. With this, you can create a beautiful and personalized bedroom design.

Be Creative with Paints

Also, instead of painting your kid’s room using a single color, you can go for two or three paints. Paint the upper and lower walls using different, yet attractive colors. Divide these two colors using stripes. This will help in creating a virtually striking effect. If you can be creative with paints, you can reduce the need for adding excessive decorations to the room.

Display Kid Art

In addition, you can use an artwork created by your child to fill up a blank wall. Add a large corkboard to the wall. Here, you can place new arts and replace old ones from time to time. Your child will love to see his or her handiwork displayed on the wall. Also, you can incorporate some family memories or pictures. This will help give the child a sense of belonging.

Frame a Map

Another budget-friendly yet personalized way to decorate your child’s bedroom wall is by hanging a framed map. Visit a local store or shop online for an interesting map of your kid’s beloved place. Frame the map using a basic frame and hang on the wall in your child’s bedroom. With this lovely framed map, you can add more personality and style to your kid’s bedroom.

Choose a Cool Bed

With lots of patterns, colors, and artwork in the bedroom, striking a balance is still essential. You can achieve this by choosing a cool bed. Besides, colors have a psychological and emotional impact on kids. Use a bed sheet, pillowcase, blanket, and covers with cool colors or lighter shades. This will help soften the colors and punchy stripes of the bedroom. Also, choosing a cool bed will help create a more comfortable and convenient sleep environment for your kids.

Add Vintage Artwork

Furthermore, you can create a vintage cool bedroom for your child by adding some vintage artwork. The idea is to center your kid’s bedroom design on vintage artwork. Adding vintage artwork will add more character to your child’s bedroom. With a vintage artwork, you can thrill your walls and make your child’s room look stunning and fascinating.

Balance Fun and Tradition

Finally, create a balance between fun and tradition in your kid’s bedroom design. This can range from adding primary colors, statement chandeliers, hand painted details, and so forth. These kids spend a lot of time in their bedrooms. Hence, ensure that your kid’s bedroom design features a balance of fun and tradition.

Let Them Get Involved

There you have it! Above are some kids bedroom ideas to help your child design their new room. Decorating or designing your kid’s bedroom may be a hectic task. Nonetheless, it can be an incredible opportunity to bond with your little ones. Encourage them to get involved in the process. This will help their passion and personality to shine through. With the above kid’s bedroom design ideas, you can create a place that fosters exploration and growth for your child.

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