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Top 5 Tips for Hiring the Best Long Distance Moving Company

So, you’re moving that means you need to hire the best long distance moving company. How do you find the right one, though, without a lot of back-and-forths? Finding the perfect moving company can be a long process, and it’s important to get it right. When you know what to look for in your long-distance mover, it’s easier to enjoy a smooth, streamlined cross-country move. Rather than a disorganized and stressful process. Whether you’re new to cross-country moving or you’ve done it a few times before, these simple tips will make it easy to find the ideal moving company for you.

Tip 1: Evaluate Their Certifications

You should never hire a moving company without first evaluating their certifications. The best moving companies in the industry have been in business for a long time, and have the accolades to prove it.

Beyond that, however, a good moving company should have all the licenses and protections it needs to operate lawfully in your state. Don’t be afraid to ask the moving companies you speak to about their licensure, or request a copy of any certifications they hold. Doing your due diligence on this can save you headaches and even legal battles down the road.

Tip 2: Check Online Reviews

Did you know that 84% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members? When you’re looking for a moving company to partner with, online reviews are some of the first places to look. When customers have a positive experience with a company, they’re generally more than willing to share it with the community. See what our customers have to say about our services here. As such, online reviews are commonly valuable sources of information about a company and its practices.

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Tip 3: Evaluate the Company’s Service Offerings

Does the moving company in question offer the long distance moving services you need? For example, maybe you want a hands-off move. In this case, it would be important to partner with a long distance moving company that offered services like packing and storage. If you’re happy doing much of the move yourself, you may only need a company that offers actual transport services. While this decision will be up to you, it’s important to comb through the company’s website or brochure to ensure the team offers the things that are important to you.

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Tip 4: Assess the Company’s Reliability

Moving is a huge process, and it’s important to partner with a reliable moving company you can trust both now and in the future. While you’ll be able to get a good feel for reliability by reading the company’s online reviews, it’s also important to look for reliability metrics like guarantees or promises on the company’s website.

You may also want to read the fine print of the company’s moving contract to further understand what the company will or will not hold you liable for during the move. While lots of customers skip over these steps, we recommend reviewing your documents in order to save you time, and headache, both now and in the future.

Tip 5: Competitive Moving Pricing

Finally, consider pricing. Movers price their services differently, and it’s important to shop around for a long distance moving company that’s within your budget. Ask for a detailed explanation of your moving company’s price breakdown, and be sure to inquire about services that aren’t included in the moving package you’ve selected.

If possible, get a free quote from the moving company before you sign a contract. This will make it easier to plan the financial portion of your move and ensure you’re getting the best possible deal. To receive a free ballpark quote from Colonial click here.

Finding the Best Long Distance Moving Company, Made Easy

When you’re looking for the best long distance moving company, taking your time is critical. While moving companies may seem like they’re all the same, they vary in large ways and finding one that suits your budget, needs, and priorities will ensure a streamlined cross country moving process.

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