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6 Home Office Organization Tips

Now that you’ve moved into your new place, it’s time to whip your home office into shape. After all, this is the place you do everything from paying your bills to spending days working from home, and it’s essential it feels clean and spacious. Here are some tips to turn it into an organized space after your long distance move.

Take a look at six home office organization tips that will help you settle into your new home. Whether you moved across the country or just across a few state lines, these six tips will help you whip your home office back into shape in a hurry.

Tip 1: Evaluate Your Need for Storage Services

Maybe your new space is smaller than your old one, or you’ve picked up some large furniture that looks awkward in the new space. Whatever the case may be, now might be a good time for storage services. If you’re struggling to organize small clutter, it may be possible to organize it and store it in empty closets or a garage or shed.

If you’re struggling with larger items, however, such as furniture or accessories. Consider considering an offsite storage shed, where you can keep your items dry and safe until you need them again.

Tip 2: Digitize Unneeded Papers

Are you one of the many people with a mountain of papers taking over your desk? If so, the time just after a move is a great one to digitize what you need and shred what you don’t. Use a service like Evernote to scan and upload paperwork you need a copy of, and hire a professional shredding service (or use your home shredder) to destroy and recycle everything you no longer need.

Purchasing a compact file box is also a smart way to store documents, and will help keep things organized and out of the way.

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Tip 3: Get Yourself an Inbox

Placing an “inbox” on your desk is a great way to make sure important paperwork isn’t getting lost under documents, receipts, and wedding invitations. Purchase a low-profile wire inbox at your local home goods store and use it to catch important inbound materials. At the end of each day, go through the “inbox” from top to bottom, dealing with everything in it.

This allows you to file important documents, pay bills, and respond to invitations in a timely matter, rather than letting them pile up and become overwhelming.

Tip 4: Make Use of Containers

Instead of letting office supplies span all over your desk, use containers, baskets, drawers, and small jars to store office supplies like markers, highlighters, and paper tabs. This keeps them close at hand and makes it easy to know when you need to restock.

Tip 5: Keep Desk Accessories to a Minimum

Having too many items on your desk encourages clutter and makes your space feel smaller than it is. Instead of allowing your desk to be a piling station for all sorts of small items, clear everything off and replace only the most-loved items. A framed picture of your family or a special keepsake, for example, will make the space inspirational and welcoming rather than cluttered and stressful.

Have several accessories you love and can’t bear to part with? Consider rotating them monthly, so you get to enjoy each without cluttering your space.

Tip 6: Corral Receipts

Everyone has those receipts they’re afraid to throw away in case they’re needed for tax purposes. Unfortunately, just letting these papers take over your space isn’t an efficient or organized way to stay on top of things.

It’s important to get a handle on your receipts soon after you move. Consider digitizing them, along with your files, and uploading them to Evernote. You can also purchase a 1” binder, holepunch the receipts, and organize them by month using colored tabs to keep you organized.

If none of those work, consider buying a receipt stake, like you see in restaurants, and spearing each paper through the middle to keep them handy and accessible. Not only does this take up minimal space on your desk, but it’s a great way to ensure you’re keeping the documents you need without allowing them to take over your space.

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