Little Home Upgrades That Make a Big Difference

Home upgrades can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your home, but that doesn’t mean the project has to be a major overhaul.

Not only are smaller upgrades more budget friendly, but in addition, most small home upgrades can be done in a weekend.

Whether you’re preparing to put your home on the market, or just looking for a way to make it a nicer place to live, these accessible home upgrades can make all the difference:

Upgrading Your Kitchen

Home Upgrades to the Kitchen

Overhaul your cooking space with these simple, weekend-friendly home upgrades:

  • Install Soft-Close Drawers. The whisper quiet luxury of soft-close drawers makes your kitchen feel instantly expensive. Add them throughout, and opt for soft-close cabinets up top. Silence is golden.
  • Switch Out Hardware Pulls. Overhaul the look and feel of your kitchen without a huge amount of work or expense. Shop for attractive, unique options at a place like World Market, Home Goods or Hobby Lobby. Alternately, you can pick up inexpensive, beautiful hardware and pulls with online retailers or at your local hardware store.
  • Upgrade Your Faucets. Swap out your fixed and dated faucet for something with elegance and function. These modern faucets can switch from the hose to spray settings and some even turn on with just a tap. As a result, you don’t have to grime up the knobs to get the water running.
  • Paint the Insides of your Cabinets. Perk up your kitchen with a pop of color on the interior face of your cabinets. Go for a perky blue or yellow. Unexpected and fun, this simple upgrade will make you happy every time you reach for the dishes.
Upgrading Your Bedroom

Home Upgrades in the Bedroom

A bedroom is a place of peace, reprieve, and comfort. Take your bedroom to the next level with these smart bedroom updates:

  • Invest in New Linens. New linens can overhaul your bedroom in a flash. Invest in high-quality linens with stylish appeal and a luxurious feel. In doing do, you will create that oasis of comfort we all crave at the end of the day. In addition to making your bedroom feel lavish and fresh, they may help you get a better night’s sleep!
  • Dimmer Switches for Lighting. Lighting is everything in the bedroom. Dimmer switches can transform the mood from harsh and bright to relaxing and intimate. If you’ve never installed dimmer switches before, don’t fear. The process is easier than you might imagine and can easily be done in a few hours. Or hire a handyman and enjoy the benefits of your pleasant new lighting.
  • Add a Headboard Focal Point. Not only will a headboard make your bedroom more stylish, but it’ll also help to muffle sound. Alternatively, you can create a headboard in a variety of ways.  Install some floating shelves above your bed and tastefully tack some sheer fabric to hang beneath. Upcycle some shelving or an antique door, or create a padded headboard with minimal supplies from the hardware store.
  • Inexpensive Tip: Paint a focal wall. Try your luck with an elegant painting style like ragging to create some texture and depth with your colors.
  1. Start with a coat in a lighter shade and allow it to dry completely.
  2. Then paint a coat of a coordinating or complementing shade.
  3. While it is still wet, use a rag, sponge or crumpled newspaper to “rag off” some of the darker colors and reveal the lighter shade underneath.
Bathroom Updates

Home Upgrades in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the few rooms in the house where some simple upgrades can create a serious ROI. These smart alterations are aesthetically pleasing and increase usability.

  • Install a Pedestal Sink. Give your bathroom a touch of modern elegance with a pedestal sink. Ideal for small spaces, a pedestal sink is easy to install and can create more open space in your washroom.
  • Add Tiles Around the Tub. Tile around your tub for a stain-resistant, water-resistant, unique barrier. For a funky look, opt for geometric, patterned tiles in a fun color. Alternately, you can keep it classy with neutral tiles in a traditional shape.
  • Hang a New Medicine Cabinet. A medicine cabinet acts as storage and a focal point. In the world of bathroom upgrades, they’re some of the easiest. Just take down your old cabinet or mirror, choose a new one you like, and hang it in less than a half hour. Just like that, you’ve got a fresh new bathroom look!
  • Add Some Storage. Perhaps you don’t have space, budget, or construction skills to add built-ins to your bathroom. Fortunately, you can create some storage with a standing shelving unit or over-the-toilet organizer. Grab some cute little wicker baskets to keep small items organized, and throw out any toiletries, medicines, and cosmetics you don’t need.
  • Cheap Tip: Change Your Shower Curtain. This simple upgrade will go a long way toward making your space more welcoming and colorful.
Outdoor Updates

Outdoor Living Home Upgrades

Upgrade your outdoor space with these simple home upgrades:

  • Add a Fire Pit. The warmth and glow of a fire is the ultimate focal point in outdoor living. If you live in a small space or aren’t into making big changes to your yard, look for an above-ground fire pit at a home improvement store. If you can add an in-ground fire pit, check out this simple tutorial for doing so.
  • Swap Out Your Lawn Furniture. If your lawn furniture is dingy or outdated, swap it for some fresh new items. Find great deals on discount furniture sites, or shop your local retail stores and use that 40 % off coupons on a new set.
  • Add Some Mood Lighting. There’s a fair share of options to add cozy lighting to your outdoor space. Try some twinkling led lights strung around your patio, or hanging Moroccan lamps with battery operated candles. You can install solar lights for your walkways or paint stones with a glow in the dark paint as well.

Simple Home Upgrades to get you Summer-Ready

Welcome the best season of the year with these simple and smart home upgrades. Whether you’re looking to update your entertainment spaces or make your bedroom a haven of relaxation, these upgrades are perfect for you.

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