How to Enjoy Your New Neighborhood to the Max

Congratulations to you, New Homeowner! You’ve arrived in your new neighborhood, as in you’ve reached your destination, but have you really “arrived” in your new neighborhood? Have you made your big splash, your debut, your grand entrance? You don’t just want to live in your new neighborhood, you want to live it up in your new neighborhood and that means enjoying it to the max.

Turning yourself from “new kid on the block” to “cool kid on the block” may not happen overnight, but you can make it happen if you follow a few simple guidelines. Here are some ideas for enjoying your new neighborhood to the best of your abilities.

A New Neighborhood of Friend Apps

Even though you may feel alone in your new neighborhood, you’re not alone in your situation. There are plenty of people just like you looking to make connections, and you can find them on social media.

Check out Meetups if you’re looking to join a group of passionate enthusiasts who share your interests. The app will pull up social gatherings galore.  You can be the toast of the town at the local wine tasting convention one night and the rock star of the night at the air guitar convention the next.

Alternatively,  you can swipe your way into a whole new social life with apps like Patook or Bumble BFF. These match you to people in your area with similar interests on a one on one basis. It’s a great way to expand your social circle and ease the transition of your move.

Throw A Party

Sometimes the key to opening new doors is by opening your own doors to others. There’s no better way to introduce yourself to the neighborhood than by throwing a party. Whether its cocktails and hors’ dourves or pizza and beer, parties are a great way of showing you’re part of the team, and invitations are likely to be reciprocated.

Buy A Dog

Dogs are not only man’s best friends, but they’re also man’s best friend makers. Dogs are wonderful conversation starters even if they are not much good with conversation themselves. If you don’t already have one, a dog is like an all-access pass into a new social circle and can really help you enjoy your new neighborhood parks and hiking trails to the max.

Take A Walk

Even If you don’t have a dog, you can still take a walk. You’d be surprised by how many things you can find in walking distance to your new home. Take in the scenery or locate the local library and shopping options or sample some of the local eateries. You may discover your new neighborhood’s best-kept secrets are just around the corner.

Meet the Neighbors

If throwing a party in your own home is off the table, you can always bring the party with you. If it’s true that food is the way to a man’s heart, bringing a pie, or souffle can make you the instant darling with the neighbors. Or if you’re cooking skills aren’t up to par, remember, it’s the thought that counts, but flowers, chocolates or wine may be a bit more thoughtful than a burnt tuna casserole.

Check Out the Local Culture

Most every neighborhood has its own guide to cultural, musical, restaurants, movies and events in the city. From the dive bars to the hot spots, from expos for business or expos for pleasure, if it’s out there, it’s in these publications. There are also helpful reviews and detailed descriptions from those in the know so you can get a good idea of what to expect before you go. Pick one up and let it show you around the neighborhood. Locals say they’re the inside source for every outsider.

Join A Book Club

People who read a lot of books are generally not considered the outgoing types. After all, there is nothing like reading a book to avoid making eye contact with anyone. So where do antisocial people go when they want to socialize? A book club of course! Look at bulletin boards at local libraries or search the web for book clubs going on in your neighborhood to start making your own stories in your new neighborhood.

Shake A Hand A Day

This might not keep the doctor away, in fact, it might actually help you meet one. Resolving to shake one hand a day can add up to a lot of new friends in a month, especially considering the fact that friends have a way of multiplying. That’s a promise you can make to yourself and shake on for good measure.

Get Involved in School Activities

When your family moves to a new neighborhood, your kids are going to start making new friends pretty quickly. Why not reap the benefits? School friends for your kids mean lots of new friends for moms and dads. After all, parents already share common interests. One of the best ways of enjoying your new neighborhood to the max is by getting to know about the schools in the area and attending parent-teacher events. And if you can’t make it to the meetings, Peanut is a Tinder-like app for moms that doesn’t require perfect attendance.

Ask Questions

Chances are, the people in your neighborhood have some neighborly advice to give, and they’ll be happy to share it. Asking your neighbor about the local hot spots in the area can kill two birds with one stone. You might just end up with the low down on a fun place to visit and a date to go there with to boot.

Visit the Local Coffee Shops and Bars

Sometimes, it takes a little courage to make friends. Whether it’s in the form of caffeine or alcohol, a mood-enhancing beverage can do a lot to loosen the tongue. Bars and coffee shops make great social hangouts and some are worth visiting for their beverage selection alone. You might even discover that a famous poet fell off the same bar stool you sat on last night.

So, go ahead, sound the horns and wave the flags. You have officially arrived in your new neighborhood! We recommend enjoying it to the max.

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