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How to Pack Valuables for Your Move

f you have moved in the past whether it was locally or long distance chances are you did your own packing or hired movers to do it for you. Either way, when you are packing items you want to do the job right to ensure that your items make it to your new home in the same condition they were before you moved. Our team at Colonial Van Lines wants you to have the best move possible so we came up with a few tips on packing for your next move.

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1. Use the right boxes.

Yes, you can use any kind of box to pack your items but not all boxes are the same. Moving boxes, wine boxes or boxes used for fragile items typically are thicker and more sturdy. Boxes like these are ideal for moving and you are better off using these over boxes that are thin and prone to being crushed.

2. Pack properly

Using the right box is just the first step of packing for your move, you also have to consider what item goes where. You wouldn’t want to put heavy books in a box with fragile items such as glass cups or porcelain ornaments. Put heavier items like books st the bottom of boxes and try to keep similar items together.

3. Use space wisely

You shouldn’t leave empty spaces in boxes, fill in empty spaces with packing paper, towels or some sort of padding. Not leaving room for your items to shift around during transit reduces the risk of incurring damages during your move.

4. Label your boxes

We suggest using labels so you can keep track of what items are in what box. Not only will it help you stay organized but it will make unpacking much easier.

5. Tape boxes properly

There is a big difference between using scotch tape and packing tape. Packing tape is stronger than scotch tape and it generally lasts longer be sure to use packing tape on the seams, bottoms, and edges of your boxes.

We hope you find these five packing tips useful for your move if you have any questions or would like to speak with on of our moving coordinators feel free to contact us here.

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