What items can I start packing now for my move?

The opposite of a procrastinator is an anticipator. Most of us are one or another. The procrastinator puts things off, while the anticipator prefers to get things done in a timely fashion. If you are among the former, you probably already know that good things don’t always come to those who wait. And the top-rated moving company in the nation, Colonial Van Lines can assure you that a stress-free move is one of them. So, to keep the procrastinators from procrastinating, and to prevent the anticipators from turning into procrastinators, Colonial Van Lines is going to give you a few guidelines for packing early for a move. Here’s some information on when you should start packing, what you should start packing, and who you should call when you need help packing.

When Should I Start Packing for My Move?

The general rule of thumb is to start your packing at least 3 weeks before you move. This should give you enough time to gather your packing materials, clean out the closet, donate the furniture, and plan for the yard sale, if applicable. It should also give you enough time to sell your clothes to consignment shops or online.

Where Should I Begin Packing for My Move?

Not sure where to begin? Colonial Van Lines has it all mapped out. With the following tips, you’ll have no excuse to procrastinate.

Items in Storage

If you’re not using them now, what are the chances that you’ll use them in the next 3 weeks? Whether you’re storing them in your garage, storage unit, or multi-floor closet, items in storage are the clear choice for the first to go. They’re also some of the easiest items to pack, considering most of them are in boxes already. Just be sure to get rid of what you don’t want and consolidate boxes.

The Good Silverware

Also, unless you’re expecting to host a formal dinner in the next few weeks, you can probably survive without your good china. Make sure to pack dishes carefully and label everything ‘fragile.’ And while you’re at it, you may want to pack all your other dishes and cookware. There’s no better excuse for ordering take-out.

To learn how to pack dishes like a pro, see guardianstorage.com.

Non- seasonal Clothes

Whether bikinis, bombers, thermals, or thongs, some garments just can’t be worn all year round. For those that you’re not currently sporting, there is a packing box just waiting to be filled with them. Non- seasonal clothes should also be fairly easy to pack, as most of them are already folded and ready to go. And with these out of the way, you will have the energy you need to tackle the more difficult aspects of packing.

Wall hangings, Artwork, and Picture Frames

Fun, but not necessarily functional, artwork and picture frames are wonderful candidates for early packing. Besides their (somewhat) dispensability, they’re kind of tricky to deal with, so starting early will give you enough time to get them properly packed. And when the chaos of moving day begins to set in, you don’t want to leave the family portrait for the next family. (You’ll be surprised how easy it is to forget about taking the artwork down).

See thespruce.com to get the lowdown on moving artwork.

Extra Linens and Towels

Extra means extra, and (unless it’s food or money) you can be pretty sure that you won’t need it in the next few weeks. Linens and towels are no exception. If you’ve got more towels and linens than you’re going to need before the big move, pack them and be done with it. Consider choosing a few select dishes and bath towels to wash and reuse regularly so you can keep the laundry basket empty on moving day.


It’s a pretty safe bet you’re not going to get much reading done in the time before the move. On the off chance you do, set your book(s) d’ jour aside and pack the rest of your book collection. Also, remember to return all borrowed books to whence they came before leaving your abode. You wouldn’t want to be held responsible for books that get lost during your move.

Knick Knacks

Call them tchotchkes, trinkets, baubles, or beads – anything that falls under this category can, and should, be packed early.  Knickknacks tend to get scattered around the home. The best bet is to get them sorted and packed before moving day to keep them from becoming overwhelming.

Packing for A Move with Colonial Van Lines

Now that you’ve read our handy tips, we’re sure you’re as eager as a beaver to start putting them to good use, right? Not so much? We’re not surprised to hear it. The truth is packing is not easy; it has never been easy, and if we thought it was easy, we wouldn’t be giving you all these tips on how to make it easier. Luckily, when you hire us, you don’t have to it at all, or at least not all of it. Our friendly, handy, helpful, experienced, dedicated, reliable, and uniformed movers can make your packing nightmare go away.

At Colonial Van Lines, we have packing for a move down to a science. Our experienced packers will show up on your doorstep bright and early on moving day, prepared to survey your property, identify what needs packing, and arrange, wrap, and transport each item securely. We use special wrapping paper and bubble wrap to keep your precious items well protected, and our time-honored techniques to pack your belonging quickly and efficiently.

And if you’ve already started your packing preparations, it’s never too late to give up in the middle! Colonial Van Lines will be more than happy to take over. We offer single item packs, kitchen packs, and full packs to accommodate a range of needs and budgets.

So, whether you’re packing early for a move or getting it in under the wire, Colonial can help. Contact us today and request our free rate quote. We’ll get you on the easy road to your new destination in no time.  

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