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How to Make a Good Floor Plan For Your New Home

When you’re packing furniture to move to your new home, the last thing on your mind is probably remembering to make a moving floor plan. As it turns out, though, you may want to start thinking about this sooner rather than later. The reason for this is simple: deciding on an excellent floor plan before you wind up in your new apartment is a great way to ensure your furniture fits, and that you don’t need to swap your existing furniture for smaller items.  Here’s your guide to why you need a good, quality floor plan before you start packing.

Imagine this: you’re packing all of your furniture into a moving truck, picturing how beautiful it will look in your new home. You get there, though, and are horrified to realize that, not only does the sofa not fit through your new apartment’s tiny doorways, but that it wouldn’t fit along any of the walls, even if you could get it into the room!

What do you do now?

When it comes to moving, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By establishing a floor plan before you get busy packing furniture, you can limit the stress you feel as you arrive at your new home, and help ensure that your furniture fits into your new space.

How to Make a Smart Floor Plan

Wondering how to create a good floor plan for your new space? Follow these five tips:

Step 1. Measure Your new Home

Before you start packing furniture, measure the floor space of your new home. Regardless of what type of furniture you have, be sure to measure the square footage of each room you plan to furnish. Never measured square footage before? No problem, just follow this simple formula:

Length x Width = Area

Once you’ve got the square footage of the room, measure your furniture and figure out what will fit against which wall. You may even want to draw the floor plan on a piece of graph paper, for added clarity and adjustability.

Step 2. Map out the Floor Plan in Advance

Before you start packing furniture and moving into your new space, be sure you’ve mapped out the floor plan for the entire home. Again, get a piece of graph paper and use it to draw each room, complete with the measurements of each wall. Once you’ve drawn the room, add the furniture you intend to place in the room, complete with sizes and accessories.

While many people believe that drawing a floor plan in advance is overkill, you’ll find that this simple step allows you to spot unsuitable placements (furniture that’s too large for a room) and make a different plan before you arrive.

Step 3. Dismantle Items for Simple Reassembly

To make packing furniture and moving it as easy as possible, dismantle items before you go. Just do it in a way that makes reassembly easy! If you’re taking apart a bed frame, for example, us a small envelope or plastic bag to collect hardware, and attach it to the frame with a piece of sturdy packing tape. If you need to, take pictures of an item’s assembly to make sure you can mimic it down the road.

If you’re dismantling large or very fragile items, be sure to wrap them to protect them from impacts and damage during the move. Moving blankets and old clothing work well for this.

Step 4. Leave Very Large Items Behind

Instead of moving that 800-lb. chest, consider just replacing it once you arrive at your new home. Unless you’ve hired professional movers, moving items this large can put you at risk of severe injury and is commonly more trouble than it’s worth.

With this in mind, consider selling (or giving away) huge items, and purchasing new (smaller) items when you arrive at your new home.

Step 5. Hire Professional Movers

One of the best things you can do to plan for your move is to hire professional movers. Not only will licensed movers have the tools and experience needed to help you move large or unwieldy items, but they’ll also be able to help you create a floor plan that works for your new home. If you’ve never worked with a moving company before, consider shopping around and getting a free quote from a few options that catch your attention.

A Better Floor Plan Starts Here

When it comes time to start packing furniture, make sure you’ve taken the time to make a moving floor plan, beforehand. Not only does this cut down on potential moving mistakes, but it helps you ensure that all your furniture will fit in your new home and that you’re not moving any of the items that aren’t suitable for your new space.

To learn more about how to make a moving floor plan, or to get a free moving quote, contact Colonial Van Lines today.

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