Moving Advice: Why Wellness Should Be Your Top Priority

You’re moving and there are tons of tasks to do. So why is it you’re sitting on the couch too stressed out to function properly? The good news is that your reaction is normal. Moving is right up there with the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss and illness on the list of “Most Stressful Life Events.” The bad news is: You’re stressed and you need to get over it a.s.a.p. Have no fear, this too will pass. You just need some good moving advice to help you handle it until it does.

Why is moving so stressful? Mostly because there are so many things that make it stressful. You’re leaving the familiar for the unknown, it’s a massive financial transaction, it disrupts your routine, and it’s full of unpleasant tasks (cleaning, paperwork, researching and choosing moving companies, saying good-bye to family and friends). Just the thought of it is stressful. But if you treat yourself right (and find a moving company that treats its customers right), you’ll find yourself back on top and better than ever.

Moving Advice From Colonial Van Lines

At Colonial Van Lines, we know that when you’re going a rough time, the right treatment is more important than ever. We treat each customer with respect, and each move with dedication. But while Colonial takes care of all aspects of your move, taking care of yourself is one we’ll have to leave to you. Here is some friendly moving advice on personal wellness during a move.

Focus on the Positive

They say that life is always greener on the other side of the fence, so why shouldn’t that hold true when you’re moving? If your move’s not a welcome change in your life, make it one. Focus on the positive: the unbelievable taco stands you’ll find, the besties that you’ll make, and the chance to live a life even better than the one you’re leaving behind. #bestlifeever

Research the New Area

If treading into unfamiliar territory is causing you stress, familiarize yourself with it beforehand. Researching your area will give you a sense of what your daily life will be like: where your kids will go to school, where the nearest parks are, where the closest froyo place is, and all the other go-to go tos. Once you get an idea of how your everyday life will play out, it will help to put things in perspective.

Eating Right

When you’re moving, it important to keep energy levels high and stress levels low. The only problem is that when we get stressed, we tend not to make the best choices when we go for food. Eating is one thing, eating right is another. To keep temptation (and stress) to a minimum, stock your refrigerator with healthy, high protein, foods, low in saturated fat and sugar to keep your energy levels steady. Alcohol, caffeine, and sugar can cause anxiety after eating. Read that as: Skip the coffee and donut for breakfast.

Reach Out to Your Friends and Family

Venting your problems is good, having a sympathetic ear to bounce them off of is priceless. If you’re lucky to have a support team, now’s the time to use it. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends and family to help you get through tough times. You’re not burdening them, you’re unburdening yourself. You’ll be surprised by how receptive they’ll be and how much they’ll want to help.

Physical Self Care

Ask a health professional how to take of yourself and he’ll tell you to keep moving. Of course, he’d be referring to moving as in exercise, not as in hauling boxes. Although moving (as in moving boxes) does burn calories, it’s not as beneficial to your body, or to your stress level, as routine exercise. Regular exercise is a mood enhancer, an anxiety reducer, a booster of confidence, a protector of health, and a builder of strength. That sounds like moving at its finest. No matter how hectic your move is, make exercise a priority. Sometimes taking time out for the important things is the most efficient way to get things done.

Seek Professional Help

When things get extremely stressful, you might want to consider seeking professional help. By that, we mean a professional moving company, not a licensed psychiatrist, although you may not want to rule that one out. No matter how much you do to take care of yourself, there are some things only a professional mover can take care of. Those include:

  • Giving you the peace of mind of knowing your belongings are safe and insured.
  • Assuring that you’re working with a company that’s familiar with the routes of the neighborhood for reliable dispatch and transport.
  • Making sure your belongings are packed efficiently and expertly.
  • Making certain that you’ll have the right equipment to transport your items safely and securely.
  • Giving you the confidence that comes with straightforward estimates, friendly customer service, and access to storage facilities.

Colonial Van Lines to Your Assistance

Once you’ve decided to seek professional help, you’ll want to find the best licensed professionals around. That would be Colonial Van Lines. We’re one of the top-rated moving companies in the nation for a reason.

We specialize in getting your belongings to their destination as efficiently and safely and efficiency. Our outstanding team will make sure to come up with a customized plan long distance plan to maximize your effort, money and time.

And, once we begin to work with our customers, we stick with them from start to finish. You’ll have the security and peace of mind of knowing that you have a dedicated, experienced team that will stay in contact with you throughout your moving process, from packing, to transport, to unpacking.

Starting to feel better already? Hiring Colonial Van Lines can really take a lot of things off your to-do-list. However, there is one thing you do have to do, and that gets in touch with us. Colonial offers free estimates with no hidden costs or fine print guaranteed. Once you get our detailed, transparent, verifiable quote, your stress levels will decrease significantly.

Now that we’ve given you advice on wellness during your move, we have one more piece of moving advice: Get in touch with Colonial. The sooner you start working with us, the better you’ll feel and that’s a really good reason to call us.

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