Moving Back Spring Semester

Moving back for spring semester just got easier thanks to Colonial Van Lines. Contact us today to learn more about our packing and moving services!The start of a new term or semester is an exciting event. Colonial Van Lines has been around for decades, helping serve clients and customers with all kinds of moves, including helping new or returning students get settled in their dorms. We’ve seen a thing or two and consequently have some ideas to help make moving back for spring semester all the easier. 

Our tips and suggestions for moving, whether you’re preparing to move back to college for another spring term or moving into college for spring semester for the first time, will be helpful to parents of college-aged children and college students alike. 

Moving in the Spring

Spring is the perfect time of year to move. Moving during the summer gets a lot more attention and praise, but there are so many positive things about moving during the spring months, including:

  • Mild Weather: Spring offers more mild weather patterns than the extreme heat of summer or the extreme cold of winter. It makes for much easier conditions to lift, carry, and pack heavy objects. 
  • Lower Moving Prices: Summer is the most popular time to move students into dorms for the start of a new term or semester. It’s also a very popular time for people to move in general. This fact makes moving in any way, shape, or form significantly more expensive than it would cost during an “off-season.” Spring just so happens to be such an off-season. So you can save money moving into college for spring semester where you otherwise wouldn’t. 
  • Plenty of Helping Hands: Other family members, friends, and even neighbors are likely to have a little more free time on their hands during spring, what with spring break and long holiday weekends. It’s a great time to take advantage of the help from people around you as you prepare for moving into college for spring semester. 

What to Bring for Spring Semester

Moving back into a college dorm for a spring semester means bringing along a few essentials with you, including:

  • Furniture: Most dorms don’t come fully furnished or furnished at all. It’ll be your responsibility to bring along a bed, a dresser, and any other types of furniture to furnish your living space. 
  • Clothes: It might seem obvious that you should bring clothes, but depending on where you’re going to school, you’ll want to make sure you pack the right kinds of clothes. Are the winters there terrible? Bring sweaters and coats, scarves and gloves, etc. 
  • Kitchen Equipment: Dorms also don’t equip students with any type of kitchenware. So it’ll be up to you to bring your own. 
  • Electronics: Most students need a laptop or computer for school work. Not to mention TVs and other electronic devices.

How to Pack for Moving into a Dorm in Spring Semester

Packing up for moving into a dorm for the spring semester is a lot like moving from one home to another. In this case, however, you’re just moving your life into a temporary environment. So you won’t have to plan for moving everything you own at your parents’ house into your dorm room. You can pick and choose what comes with you and what stays. That being said, we do have some suggestions for packing the items you’ll likely need to bring:

  • Start with the Big Items: This means furniture. You’ll want to start with the big pieces like your desk, bed, etc. If you’re bringing a lot of furniture, you’ll want to have a trailer or a moving truck rented for the move. 
  • Kitchenware: Kitchen items tend to be bulky and have lots of different pieces. They’ll need to be packed carefully and strategically. Be sure to use plenty of packaging material for kitchenware, especially for delicate items like glassware. 
  • Clothes: Clothes are going to take up a lot of space, but they can fill in the gaps left by the furniture and kitchen items. Clothes should be packed last and put in the vehicle, trailer, or rental truck last. 

Moving into College Spring Semester with Colonial Van Lines

Colonial Van Lines has been in the business of moving students into dorms and families into new homes for decades. Contact us today to learn more about our packing services!

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