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The Six Reasons Moving Is Difficult

Moving your entire life to a new area is a challenge, even if all your ducks are in a row. It could be the greatest opportunity in the world: the best-paying job, enrollment at a first-rate institution or closing on your forever home. Yet, when you are uprooting from your current situation, no one is immune to the difficulties of moving. So why is it so hard, and what can be done about it? We’ve broken-down the six major reasons with actionable steps you can take to lessen the burdens of moving.

Reason 1: Moving is Time-Consuming 

Moving - Moving Tips - Long Distance Moving Tips

No matter how prepared you are, a move takes up a great deal of time. This is especially true if your relocation is long-distance, or if you have a large household. According to Apartment Guide, moving a 3-4 bedroom home takes an average of 7 hours, and that’s not including all the time it takes to transport, unpack, and rearrange these items! The time you need to invest in moving is by far one of the biggest reasons it stands out as being so hard.

What You Can Do: Research resources and tools to shave down some of that time.  At Colonial Van Lines, we have multiples resources including a moving checklist and a household item inventory app, to help you expedite your move.

Reason 2: Moving Day is Expensive 

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The cost of relocating your household is one of the primary reasons people are on the hunt for cheap hacks. Today, the average cost for moves across state lines is about $4,300, and that’s assuming everything goes smoothly. For many people, this is a prohibitive cost that can cause real financial hardship.

What You Can Do: If you are changing jobs or accepting a position /promotion in a new location, you may be able to get assistance from your employer. If this is not available to you, you can deduct moving expenses from your taxes if the move exceeded 50 miles.  Our helpful blog has countless money-saving tips you can reference to cut down on some expenses.

Reason 3: Your Cost of Living May Increase

Moving - Moving Expenses - Moving Tips - Long Distance Moving Tips

If you’re transitioning from an inexpensive place to a more expensive neighborhood, that will take some definite adjustment. The Cost of Living is not as simple as an increase or decrease. New cities may have higher real estate cost, yet the lower cost of food or transportation. With these factors in mind, it can be tricky to determine how a change in Cost of Living will affect your household.

What You Can Do: There is Cost of Living calculators that can help to bring insight into your financial situation. This may also be a great time to reassess your finances. Each member of your household can help. Start by identifying ways to decrease spending, increase income or consolidate debt to bridge the gap in your cost of living

Reason 4: It’s Majorly Stressful
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Having your entire life packed in boxes is mental chaos. Additionally, lifting the weight of your entire home is extensive labor and a physical tax on your body. Leaving friends, family & the comfort of everything familiar is emotionally taxing too.  Moving causes a series of stressors that are understandably difficult.

What You Can Do: Though it’s difficult to control all the aspects of your new move, stay proactive about sleep, nutrition and exercise. Try to remain as close to your normal sleeping routine as possible. Lack of sleep throws your state of health off-kilter profoundly. Prepare healthy snacks and finger food for the big day, so you won’t be tempted to swing by the drive-through. Have a plan for how you will continue your exercise routine or substitute with a distressing activity like a roller-blade ride through your new neighborhood.

Here is a link to more info about coping with a stressful move.

Reason 5: It Affects Your Children
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Studies confirm that a move can have a large impact on your kids. This is especially true for kids that are in school or have a large group of friends in a given area. Furthermore, unlike adults, children are not as skilled in verbalizing and communicating their feelings about their new environment. Their emotions can stay buried or erupt in a variety of ways.

What You Can Do: Luckily, you can minimize this impact by preparing your children for the move in advance and working to address their issues as they arise. One primary tip is to set up their room first. They can settle in while you continue unpacking and having familiar items in their new environment eases their transition.

Reason 6: It Affects Your Pets
Moving - Moving with Pets - Moving Tips - Long Distance Moving Tips

If you have pets coming along, you can expect them to need ample time to adapt. Dogs and cats may be frightened by a move and may react by trying to run away or adopting uncharacteristic behaviors. Cats are especially territorial. Two cats who got along great in your previous home may start fighting with each other or send you signals to give them their space.

What You Can Do: Keep their routine intact. Bring their familiar toys and bedding along for the ride and for the first nights in the new place. Make time for them, especially on the days when household becomes a maze of boxes and a barren domicile. Be generous with pets, cuddles, treats and your personal attention. Pet psychologists have confirmed with studies that eye-contact between humans and pets release oxytocin in both the human and animal brain. Oxytocin is “the love-hormone” that promotes bonding and trust in the brain and it’s a natural antidote for depressive feelings.

For more information on what to do when you move with pets, check out our blog Moving with Pets: The Good, The Bad & The Furry.

Facing Your Top Moving Challenges Head-On

Now that you understand some of the universal issues with moving, you are in a better position to fight back. Yes, some challenges are unavoidable, but now that you know what types of difficulties you are up against, you can minimize their effect on your life. At Colonial Van Lines, we are always focused on how to de-stress the moving process. Call us today to see how we can help you better prepare for your long-distance move.