Moving? Keeping vs. Donating Holiday Decorations

Moving day is around the corner, and you’re at a crossroads: Should you keep or donate those holiday decorations bursting out of your attic or garage? Will you miss them if you leave the decorations behind?

And if you do decide to keep them, figuring out how to store holiday decorations can be another hurdle that stands between you and that tidy, organized moving van you’ve been thinking about. 

Fortunately, we have some pro tips to help you through this conundrum. Many people have a hard time deciding what to keep and get rid of before a move, and our moving team has the answers to ease the process.

Reasons to Keep Your Holiday Decorations

Though it’s certainly tempting to scrap all of your random belongings and start fresh in your new home, there are many valid arguments for keeping your holiday decorations. Maybe you’re the proud owner of some family heirlooms, or you’ve spent years collecting vintage holiday decor that would be difficult to replace.

Keeping your holiday decorations may take up space in the moving van and your new home, but it could be even more costly to buy new ones later on. Here are a few reasons you should consider packing your holiday decorations into the moving van:

  • They’re still useful. You like your holiday decor and plan to use it in the new house.
  • You love them. The holiday decor still suits your style and the new home layout.
  • They’re expensive. You own expensive items that would be costly to replace.
  • They have sentimental value. You own sentimental items that you’d be sad to part with.

Reasons to Donate Your Holiday Decorations

Now that you know a few reasons to keep your holiday decorations, let’s talk about when it might be time to pass them on to a new owner. There are occasions when it’s better to save space in the moving truck and start fresh. Here are a few situations when this might be the best option:

  • You don’t like them. Has your style changed? If so, it’s time to let someone else appreciate your holiday decorations.
  • They don’t fit the new home. Your new house may be completely different from your old space, rendering many of your holiday decorations useless.
  • They’re old/broken. Sometimes holiday decorations simply wear out. If your decor is old, you should probably donate it—and if it’s broken? Take it out with the trash.
  • They’re easy to replace. Maybe you own large holiday decorations that would take up a lot of space but are also affordable and easy to replace. In that case, donating them is an ideal route.
  • You have too many. Have more decorations than you need? Then spread the love and donate at least some of your stash.

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How to Store Holiday Decorations

So maybe you’ve decided to keep your holiday decorations (or at least some of them). Once you’ve sorted out what’s going and what’s staying, you’ll need to figure out how to store your holiday decorations for the moving van.

Here are some ideas on how to declutter and store your holiday decorations, so they safely make the journey to your new home:

  • Use storage bins for each holiday. (Combine bins if you don’t have much for holidays like Valentine’s Day or Easter.)
  • Place larger items in the bin first to save on space.
  • Wrap fragile decorations in bubble wrap to ensure safe storage.
  • Invest in a tree bag to avoid the struggle of trying to stuff a Christmas tree back in the box.
  • Wrap lights carefully in circular light storage to avoid tangles.
  • Buy a gift wrap bag to keep all of your wrapping paper together.
  • Use a divided box to store Christmas ornaments.
  • Label all boxes with a permanent marker and label.
  • Remove batteries before storing battery-powered decor. (They can pose a hazard if left for long periods.)

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Whether you keep or donate your holiday decorations, it’s important to have a reliable moving company there for you on moving day. Contact Colonial Van Lines to learn more about our professional long-distance moving services. We’re ready to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible, no matter where you’re headed. Get a free quote today.

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