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Moving Out of An Apartment

You have been living in your apartment for some time now and you have made the decision to move into a new place. Whether you have decided to move into another apartment or are buying a home, this is a big change. There are a few things to think about when moving out of an apartment whether you are renting or own the unit. We have some great tips for moving out of an apartment. We also found a pretty good Apartment Move-Out Checklist from the American Apartment Owners Association. Read more in our blog post below and feel free to use the checklist.

3 Quick Tips for Moving Out of an Apartment


When it is time to move, it is time to clean up your old place. Before you start packing, give your apartment a good once over and get things organized. Taking a day to wipe down your furniture and items is also a good idea. Cleaning helps you avoid bringing dust into your new home. If you are renting your apartment, your landlord will appreciate the fact that you cleaned before you moved out. If you are selling your apartment you definitely want it to be presentable.


If you have lived in your apartment for a while it’s more than likely that there may be a few dings and scuffs around the place. If you have a security deposit that you would like to collect after you move out, your apartment needs to be in good shape. As you move your items and pack up, make a list of any damages that your apartment may have suffered during your stay. Make a quick trip to your local hardware store for a can of paint and some other items. This can be the deciding factor for you getting your security deposit back or not. If you don’t have the time to spare you can also check with your apartment complex to see if there is a maintenance person on site.


Once you’re all packed and ready to go, it is a common practice to do an inspection or walk-through before handing over your keys. If you’re selling your apartment. make sure that you stay in communication with your realtor throughout the process. For those of you that are renting, it is important to schedule a date to conduct a final walk-through with your landlord. Take pictures of the place once you are done with the walk-through and keep them for your records.

3 Life Hacks When Moving Out of an Apartment

Filling Holes: 

Most people hang up pictures and shelves up in their apartments. When it’s time to move you are going to take those things with you, but you will be leaving some holes behind. A bar of soap is a quick fix for some small holes in walls. Pick up a bar of soap that matches the color of your wall (any basic bar soap will do) and rub it over the hole in the wall until it is filled. Use a dish towel or rag to clean up any extra soap left behind. Just like that you just did a DIY patch on your wall.

Fix Carpet Dents: 

Have you noticed that when you move heavy furniture like couches or beds on carpets they sometimes leave a dent? Well, we have a quick fix to make the carpet look good as new. Take a few cubes of ice from your ice tray and place them on the dents in your carpet. Simply let the ice cubes melt overnight or for a few hours at least then vacuum your carpet. You may need to do this a couple of times but it beats having to pay for an expensive carpet cleaner.

Sell Sell Sell:

Moving can be a bit of a pain and sometimes it’s just better to downsize. If you find yourself holding on to items you don’t use, sell them. There are plenty of sites like Craigslists and apps like LetGo where you can sell your old stuff. You may not think so, but one person’s trash (in some cases) is another’s treasure. Selling old items makes it easier to move and you can just buy new items at your new destination.

Use an Apartment Move-Out Checklist

Having an Apartment Move-Out Checklist is a helpful tool to help you stay on task when moving out of an apartment. In the weeks and days before your move, there are plenty of things that will keep you busy. If you don’t have time to make a checklist we found one that you may find quite useful take a look at it below.

Apartment Move-Out Checklist, moving out of an apartment

Apartment Move-Out Checklist Source: American Apartment Owners Association

Make Moving Out of an Apartment Easy

We hope you have found our tips, Apartment Move-Out Checklist, and hacks for moving out of an apartment useful. The team at Colonial Van Lines works day in and day out to bring you the best moving tips and hacks. Our goal is for you to have the best experience possible no matter if you are moving to or from an apartment or home. If you need any additional assistance or are in need of a long distance moving quote contact us today! If you have any ideas or topics you think we should write about let us know, we like to hear feedback.

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