Long Distance Moving Quotes: Instant vs. Phone Call

When you have to move from one city to another, there is no better way to make the process easier than hiring a full-service moving company. You can get different long distance moving quotes by contacting two or more movers. With the right company, moving your belongings over a long distance will be a breeze. Also, you will be able to save on time and effort while avoiding potential new grey hairs.

While it is certain that an experienced moving company will save you lots of stress, the process of finding the right company is never too easy. You have to identify different companies, perform a background check on your top options, and request a quote from those on your shortlist to determine your best option.

In the past, an in-home estimate was the only way to get moving quotes. The advent of technology has changed so many things, making it possible for people to get long distance moving quotes without having a moving coordinator or anyone walk through their homes. Many experienced and reputable companies are embracing alternative means of giving quotes, including instant and phone call quotes.

Different Ways to Get Long Distance Moving Quotes 

While the in-house estimate remains the most reliable way to arrive at a correct quote, it is not the most convenient for anyone. Many home-owners are not always ready to open their doors to different estimators from different movers. For movers that offer free estimation, the cost is often an issue. At the moment, there are different ways to get long distance quotes, including phone, text, instant, live chat, and email. Here, we will compare two of the most popular ones: instant quotes vs. phone calls.

Instant Long Distance Moving Quotes 

Most innovative moving companies near you or those that operate in the city you are moving to will have top quality websites. Once you have identified the companies you want to consider, it is important that you check the different options they have for giving quotes. Most will have an option for instant quotes.

The most important benefit of instant quotes is that they involve very little human intervention. There are computer programs that serve as instant estimators in movers’ websites. These programs are more of cost estimators that make their estimation from the information clients provide. Using them to request for instant quotes is often easy, it will take a few clicks, answering some questions and providing additional information correctly.

What’s more, getting an accurate long distance moving quote requires that you provide some vital information. This includes your current home address and the address/city you are moving to. Also, you will provide detailed information about the size of your belongings, furniture, and other related information. You must provide a well-detailed inventory.

After entering the required information, it normally takes a little while for moving cost estimators to send quotes. Most of the programs work automatically, meaning that no human is behind the figures sent to you. In most instances, the movers will still require a visual in-house estimation before the moving date. If the information you provided is accurate, there may not be any significant change in the final value the moving coordinator will arrive at.

Phone Call Quotes 

It is also possible to get long distance moving quotes from reliable companies through phone calls. Generally referred to as an over-the-phone moving estimate, this is another easy and stress-free way to get an initial quote from a moving company.

Just like in an instant quote, you will be required to provide some important information to get a reliable quote over the phone. You will provide the address you are moving from and the one you are moving to. Other information about the houses will also be required from you. For instance, if your apartment is on the fourth floor, it will affect what you will have to pay for the move. It is important that you provide all the information requested by the moving agent and others you consider necessary.

Ideally, long-distance quotes through phone calls do not come so fast. After giving the required information, it will take a little while for the quote to arrive. The agent or another person in charge of estimation makes the estimation. Most times, these estimations are close to what they will arrive if they conduct an in-house estimation.


Instant quotes and phone call quotes are similar in many ways. They are both virtual estimations that do not require the physical presence of a moving agent or coordinator. They both rely on information provided by the client.

In spite of the similarities, these two methods are different. In instant quotes, the client interacts with a computer program/cost estimator to arrive at the quote. In the case of phone calls, there is a moving agent/estimator at the other end who will use the information provided to arrive at a quote. While instant quotes will arrive immediately after the interaction, phone call quotes arrive a little later when humans must have made the calculations and adjustments.

Instant quotes and phone call quotes rely on getting accurate information from the client. The accuracy of both methods can be questioned too. Comparing the two, phone calls may be a little more accurate as it is performed by humans who will take extra information into account before arriving at the quote. In many instances, some companies will insist on a visual in-house estimation before a contract is signed.


There are different ways to obtain long-distance moving quotes these days. Instant quotes are the best option at the initial stage when you want to get a rough estimate. When you are a little more serious and want to compare quotes from companies in your shortlist, phone calls will be necessary and more useful. To avoid surprises, it is better to work with a company that will still conduct an in-house estimation before the moving date.

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