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Moving with Pets: The Good, the Bad, and the Furry

Pets: they’re furry family members with four legs! When it comes time to relocate to that new home, though, figuring out how to go about moving with pets can be difficult. Luckily, it’s far from impossible. Whether you have a dog, cat, Guinea pig, or parrot, moving with pets is possible – it just takes a bit of planning.

Moving with Pets – the Smart Way

Moving with pets is a bit like moving with kids: you’ve got to do some planning to make it work. Throughout the entire moving process, from the moment you start packing to the days you spend painting your new place, there are many threats and potential discomforts that face your pet. To alleviate these, you’ve got to consider them in advance, and plan to route around them.

When you make your pet an integral part of your moving plan, the process goes much easier for everyone involved. Whether you’re moving across the country or just across a few state lines, these moving tips can help make it a simple process for your whole family including your pets. Take a look a 5 streamlines tips to help make moving with pets easier.

1. Make Sure you can Bring your Pet

While the rates of pet-friendly accommodations seem to be trending up, it’s never safe to just assume you can bring your pet wherever you move. Instead, you’ll want to do your due diligence ahead of time, and ensure that the apartment or home you’re moving into is fully pet-friendly.

This prevents issues surrounding your arrival and helps ensure that the move-in process is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. If you haven’t yet found a place, use a service like Abodo’s pet-friendly apartment search to find your dream home.

2. Research Your New Place

So, you’ve found a pet-friendly home. Now what? The next step is to research your new home and figure out what it does and does not offer for your pet, and what the expectations supporting pet ownership are. For example, will you be required to pay a pet deposit?

If so, how much is it each month? Is any portion of it refundable? Are there parts of the home or property that pets are not allowed to access? Learning these things ahead of time makes it easier to settle into your new home, and ensures you and your pet will receive a warm welcome when you do.

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Let Colonial Van Lines Get You Moving

With Colonial Van Lines every move is personalized to fit your long distance moving needs and budget.

3. Check Your Contract

When it comes to moving with pets, evaluating your contract closely is one of the most critical things you can do. If you’ve already signed a lease, dig it out and re-evaluate it for details about your pet and the home. Make sure it doesn’t place any odd legal stipulations on you as a pet owner and take it to an attorney for evaluation if you have any doubts.

While issues arising between landlords and pet-owning tenants are somewhat rare, they dohappen. Luckily, being fully informed from the get-go can help prevent them.

If you’re purchasing a home, check your HOA documents to be sure there are no regulations against pets in the new neighborhood.

4. Research Local Amenities

You already know where the best coffee shop, gym, and school in your neighborhood is, but what about the closest dog park? Pets need amenities, too, and researching them ahead of time helps ensure that your furry friend will find something to love as soon as you land in your new neighborhood.

Before you move is the best time to find amenities like groomers, pet daycares, parks, and other fun spots to spend time with your furry friend. Fun fact – Dogtime reports that the top three pet-friendly cities in America are Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco! If you’re in one of these beautiful areas, you won’t have any trouble finding pet-friendly amenities.

5. Prepare a “Day-of” Box for Your Pet

Pets need moving day supplies just like people! Prepare a day-of box that includes enough of your pet’s food for a few full feedings, their favorite toys or blankets, and a bed, leash, collar, and any medications the pet may need.

Having these things on-hand ensures you’ll be ready for any situation that faces you and your pet during transit, and that your furry friend will never have to go without their must-have items.

A Tail-Wagging Good Move!

While moving with pets can feel difficult, these five tips can help ensure a safe and happy transition for everyone in your family – pets included. By doing your research before you arrive at your new property, finding the closets amenities for your pet, and double-checking your housing for its level of pet-friendliness, you can orchestrate a smooth and stress-free move for everyone involved.

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