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Packing Tip: A Smooth Long Distance Move is Possible

Your long distance move is just around the corner and it suddenly dawns on you that you can’t postpone the packing any longer. Do you have enough packing supplies? How do you plan to pack your fragile items? How about those heavier ones like furniture, grand pianos and refrigerators? We have put together some easy packing tips that will save you time, energy and reduce the potential for disaster on your moving day.

Packing Tip 1: Using the Right Boxes for Your Items

Pack heavy valuables like fragile items, books, DVD’s and CD’s in small, easy to handle carton boxes, but be sure not to overload them and make handling difficult. Large carton boxes, meanwhile, are ideal for lightweight items like pillows, toys, linen, bedding and more. Use medium size boxes to pack small tools, appliances, clothing, and more. Determine the right cartons for all of your possessions and acquire these well in advance to avoid last minute packing hustles.

Packing Tip 2: Heavier items on the Bottom of Boxes

When packing, make sure to put heavier valuables at the bottom of the carton boxes and lighter ones on top. Doing so ensures no breakable valuables will get crushed during your long distance move. Furniture parts, books, and printing papers are perfect examples of the heavy items that should be packed first in a moving box.

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Packing Tip 3: Correctly Labeling Your Items

It is important to carefully label and number each carton box when moving so you know where your valuables are stored. When labeling or numbering write which room each box belongs to along with the contents on the top and the sides. Labeling each box and maintaining an inventory list is a good way of keeping track of what you have packed and ensured you still have everything when you unpack at your new place. Furthermore, it can help you decide the items you need to unload and unpack first.

Packing Tip 4: Carefully Wrap and Label Fragile Items

Your fragile possessions such as sculptures, china, glassware, and figurines ought to be packed individually with plenty of bunched-up wrapping and labeled accordingly as “FRAGILE” to avoid damage. And, always pack & unpack fragile items over a padded surface to keep them safe in case you accidentally drop them.

Packing Tip 5: Fill with Packing Materials

Fill empty spots in your boxes with packing papers, towels, clothing, cushions, pillows, tissue, and blankets so your valuables won’t move around once inside the carton boxes. This should secure them for the long ride.

Packing Tip 6: Pack One Room at a Time

Packing room by room helps you stay organized and keep the entire packing process under control. Try packing similar room valuables together, for instance, kitchen utensils, books, clothes, electronics and more, as this will make unpacking much easier and save time.

Packing up your entire home or office for a long distance move is no easy feat. Actually, many agree it’s the most dreaded part of any move. Colonial Van Lines has put together this moving checklist to help make your next move smooth, efficient and organized.

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