Personal Relocation Services with Professional Expertise

The days of “If you want something done right, do it yourself” are over. Nowadays, not only will you find someone who can do the job as you would have done it yourself, but oftentimes better.

While to many,  a personalized service seems like a luxury,  a personalized relocation service is closer to a necessity. Preparing for a move is a job in and of itself. Add that to your regular nine to five, and you’re working overtime. A personalized relocation company will put in those extra hours for you.

Core Services of a Personal Relocation Company

Put plainly, a personal relocation company hooks you up. It hooks you up with all the best services, businesses, and contacts to customize a move that comes closest to your idea of moving perfection. For most of us, that means no scheduling, no negotiating and, most importantly, no homework. Done, done and done. Here are some of the core services a personal moving company will provide to keep your move stress-free.  

Temporary Housing

After finding permanent housing, no one wants to be faced with finding temporary housing.  Whether you’re waiting out a lease, for your home to be ready, or for some transitional bumps in the road to even out,  a personal relocation service will find you fully furnished temporary housing during the intermediary period.

Finding A Realtor

A good realtor is hard to find, but not with a good personal relocation service. Not only will your relocation company help you find someone to do the job, but it will also help you find the best person to do the job. The leading relocation services have connections to the top-rated realtors and can secure the right ones for you easily.

For information on finding the best realtor for your move, check out

Providing Mortgage Partners

Personalized relocation services will likely have a healthy network of mortgage partners. Count on them to find you a leading mortgage partner that will get you the best possible rates and discounts.

For “5 Tips on Finding the Best Mortgage Lenders,” check out

Scheduling Your Move

Another thing a personal relocation service will have handy is a list of award-winning moving companies. At Colonial Van Lines, we’re proud to say we’re on a lot of those lists. In the moving business, good companies have to stick together. That’s why personal relocation services stick with us when it comes to providing excellent customer service to their clients.

Why Is Colonial Van Lines a Personal Relocations Service’s Favorite?

Everyone plays favorites. It’s because we want the best. Colonial Van Lines is a personal relocation service favorite because we are the best. As the Nation’s Number One Moving Company, we have the ability and knowledge to keep the moving process easy, convenient, and affordable. 

Long Distance Moving

If numbers speak for themselves, how does over 50 years of experience, and over 200 agents sound?  To us, it sounds like a moving company with the skill and personnel to provide a pretty great long-distance move. At Colonial Van Lines, you can depend on our movers to walk you through your move from beginning to end. We’ll customize a plan to maximize your effort,  money,  and time and we’ll see it through until you’ve reached your destination.

On top of our outstanding moving team, you’ll be assigned a personal account manager who takes note of special transportation and moving requirements. Count on him to make sure you get exactly what you ordered.

Packing Services

Thought moving was a great idea until you started packing? At Colonial Movers, we hear you. And since we want you to still think moving is a great idea, we’ll do the packing for you.

To pack boxes quickly and correctly,  it takes experience. Our moving team can save you the time, effort, stress, (and possible heartache) of packing belongings on your own. We’ll arrive on moving day ready to survey your property and identify what needs to be packed and then we’ll arrange, wrap, and pack each item securely.

We use special wrapping paper and bubble wrap to keep breakables in one piece, and unique materials for safeguarding artwork and art pieces. We properly blanket wrap furniture to keep it protected during transit. Never fear, with Colonial Van Lines your precious belongings are in good hands.

Storage Services

One thing a personal relocation service is not likely to provide you with is a recommendation to a good storage company. Colonial Van Lines has its own storage facility and we highly recommend using it.

At Colonial Van Lines, we like to describe our storage facility with our “three S” alliteration:

  • Secure: Rest assured that your precious items are safe with us. We thoroughly document our high-quality units for easy identification and access.
  • Spacious: Our units are huge. The Colonial Van Lines facility boasts a large amount of space perfect for storing trampolines, oversized furniture, and commercial equipment. 
  • State of the Art:  Our climate-controlled units preserve the condition of your belongings. Our warehouse is resistant to pests and dust and minimizes the risk of dust and mold.

Free Rate Quotes

Perhaps the biggest reason that Colonial Van Lines is such a darling of the personal relocation services is our free rate quote policy.  Our free rate quotes are designed to protect our customers from getting caught in expense traps. To avoid paying for supplementary services that weren’t a part of your original package, we believe in careful planning – including knowing how much you should be prepared to spend before signing a contract.

At Colonial Van Lines, we provide free moving quotes to all our long-distance customers. We’ll give you a detailed expense breakdown so you can see where your payment is going. You’ll never find hidden service fees in our contracts. You approve all services upfront. Just let us know which services your move requires, and we’ll give you an estimate of your total bill. Personal relocation services have so much to offer, but if you’re reading this article, you’ve already found an award-winning moving company. Request our free rate quote today and see why Colonial Van Lines comes so highly recommended

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