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5 Moving Tips: Protecting Floors & Carpets When You Move

Imagine this: you’re moving out of your apartment, and struggling to lug a heavy couch across the floor. All of a sudden, you hear a sickening scrape! You look down and notice that your efforts have left a huge gouge in the wooden boards. What now? Not only will a move like this cost you a chunk of your security deposit or require a spendy repair, but it’ll also create undue stress in the moving process. Luckily, you can avoid these problems by getting the best moving tips for protecting floors and carpets during your big move. Here they are!

Regardless of whether you’re moving from a rental to a house you own, or simply purchasing a new place somewhere new, these moving tips will help you keep your floors in good shape throughout:

Tip 1. Don’t Drag Anything

By far the largest danger to your floors is dragging furniture across them. In addition to scraping hardwood floors, this can easily rip or wrinkle a carpet. Instead, enlist a team of people or professional movers and use handcarts or moving straps to lift heavy items up and off the floor.

The same goes for lighter items, like boxes and small furniture. The more you can lift and the less you drag, the more likely it is your carpets will remain unscathed.

If you’re moving alone, and you need to drag an item to move it, be sure to cover the bottom with a soft fabric or to wrap the item in padding. This cuts down on the risk of scraping your floors or damaging your items.

Tip 2. Cover Your Floors Before You Move

If you’re living in a home with hardwood or laminate floors, or even carpets, be sure to cover them before you move in. Remember that your floors are a huge investment, and it’s worth keeping them in good shape.

Most modern moving stores sell simple floor coverings, including shock-protective mats that you can cut to suit your needs. These stores also have a large variety of protective, adhesive products which create a thin film over hardwood floors, prevent slippage, and peel off without damaging the planks.

If you’re not sure which product to use, consider asking your moving professionals for their recommendations.

Tip 3. Don’t Move in Bad Weather

If you can avoid it, try not to move during bad weather. If you’re tracking in water, salt, mud, or dirt, it’ll do some severe damage to your floors. If you can’t avoid moving during inclimate weather, be sure to lay down a heavy, water-absorbing mat at the front door.

Encourage your moving team to take off their shoes, or to wrap them in disposable covers before entering the home. Be sure that nothing you set on the floor has mud or dirt on the bottom. This will make protecting floors and carpets much easier.

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Tip 4. Plot out Your Furniture Beforehand

Instead of bringing your furniture into the house and hoping it will fit, measure your pieces and have a plan for their position before you move. This decreases the likelihood of dragging your items from place to place and helps reduce the risk of damage to your floors.

As you do this, be sure to also check walkways and doorways and remove any obstacles. Tripping or dropping furniture can easily scratch your floors and injure your moving assistance, so you’ll want to do everything in your power to mitigate the risk.

Tip 5. Ask Your Movers for Moving Tips

Movers are experienced professionals, and they’ll know exactly how to conduct your move without damaging your floors. If you’re trying to figure out how to keep your floors intact, be sure to ask them for their input.

They’ll be happy to help and your floors will be happy to be damage-free! While lots of people try to forge through the moving process on their own, asking for help is a critical step that can help protect your personal belongings and your home!

Carpet-Friendly Moving Tips for Long-Distance Moves

If you’re facing a long-distance move, don’t go into it without these helpful moving tips. Designed to keep your floors dirt-, scrape-, and scuff-free, these helpful tips will protect your investment, shield your security deposit, and cut down on your moving stress.

If you need additional assistance on protecting floors and carpets while you move, contact Colonial Van Lines for more moving tips. Our team of experienced trusted, and reliable movers will be happy to discuss your moving concerns with you, and work together to offer a creative solution.

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