Protecting Your new Home: Best security product and services

New homeowners and experienced homeowners are under a similar threat. Gone in a minute. All the electronics, jewelry and cash that have taken you years to save for are gone in the blink of an eye. That’s what can happen if the wrong person walks into your house. It’s easier than you think. If you don’t have the right home security services and products, it’s almost like an open invitation.

As of today, there are 2.5 million burglaries per year. Sixty-six percent of those are home breakins. As of those break-ins, the average loss is about $2,500. That is a significant loss to the home owner. Houses without home security services and products have a 300% greater chance of getting broken into. How long a burglary takes. In eight to ten minutes you can lose a devastating amount of money and possessions.

 At Colonial Van Lines, we’ve moved a lot of valuables and we know how important they are to our customers. We also know a bit about finding the best security products and services for your house. Here are some tips we can give you so you can hold on to your hard-earned belongings.

The Best Home Security Systems and Home Security Products

There are many home security systems to choose from, but the best ones are the ones that won’t make you choose between high tech features, quick response times, and low prices. The top home security systems of all the above and more. Here are Colonial Van Lines top picks for home security services,


If you’re looking for reliable home security that won’t interfere with your modern home décor, Vivint is geek speak for security. It’s 100% wireless system is complete with all the bells and whistles. As a home automation leader, Vivint offers panning and fixed cameras, voice recognition, two-way doorbell communication, customized remote, and even Alexa. Those features combined with the sleek looking equipment make Vivint high tech in high style. Check out the packages here.


Frontpoint may not be as well known for its high-tech gear as Vivint, but it is known for its quick response time and its excellent customer service. A combination of DIY and home automation, it’s simple enough for you to set up without picking up a tool, but complex enough to provide cutting edge security for your home. Standout features include a touch screen control panel, still image capture, cellular monitoring, and smash and crash protection which sends an alert to Rapid Response if the panel is broken. It also has neat eco-friendly add-ons like Environmental monitoring and an energy saving automaton.


Home security services can claim to be “the most trusted name in the business,” but only one can hold the title. ADT is so old school, it’s been around since the 1800s, but its managed to make its transition into the modern era quite smoothly. The key features of the ADT home security system include a choice between wireless and hard-wired, pro installation, home, and remote control. However, what really sets ADT apart is its medical products. ADT offers medical necklaces and bracelets to its customers that give immediate access to emergency dispatchers.


What happens when a company that has spent 150 years in the home security business hooks up with the leaders in high tech devices? You get the Brinks “trifecta of protection.” Brinks’ home security services include crash and smash protection, live voice assist, Smartphone control, and Cloud video options to name a few. One of the standout features of Brinks security is its installations options. The Brinks Home Company preconfigures its security system before they ship it. All you need to do is plug it into the appropriate locations. However, if even this seems too burdensome, not to worry, Brinks is more than happy to offer its Pro Install services. This choice comes with the added bonus of the extension of the 2- year warranty to a lifetime of coverage.

Protect America

Making America safe again? When it comes to security companies “Protect America” took a lot of the popular vote. With over one million customers accumulated since 1992, Protect America could be the next dark horse. What puts Protect America ahead of the other candidates? For one, it provides equipment at no extra cost. While other companies rent or lease, with Protect America it’s part of the deal. What else does that deal include? Mobile alerts, wireless equipment, DIY installation, Smart home options, and a lifetime warranty, for starters. The Landline monitoring is perfect for homes located in cellular dead zones or do not have high-speed internet.

Best Home Security Products

Although home security services come with some very advanced features, they also come with a commitment. Keeping your home secure does not necessarily have to come with a contract. Here are some home security products you can buy that don’t require any signing on the dotted line.

  1.  Mpow Solar Spotlight:

There’s a reason why burglars like to work at night. How about putting a solar spotlight on them? With a high-efficiency solar panel, weatherproof design, and 45 ft illumination range, you can easily shed some light on what might otherwise turn out to be a bad situation.

One of the only things scarier than a burglar breaking to your house is the bloodcurdling scream that he’s going to hear when you have a Doberman Defense Security Panel. This 100-decibel siren can be heard from over a mile away. Hopefully, that’s how far the burglar will be from your home by the time the police arrive.

A patio may increase the value of a home, but glass doors can increase the probability of a break-in. Aluminum bars can keep a thief from sliding doors open. With a light frame aluminum construction backed by a sturdy steel frame and different colors to match your décor, the Primeline is a prime choice for home security products.

  • Home Security Camera

Sometimes keeping an eye on things can take on a literal meaning. Unless you have a home security camera, it’s impossible to know what’s going on in your house when no one’s there. Small standalone Wi-fi cameras are easy to set up and will send alerts to your phone tablet or PC if it detects a break-in. Many also provide features such as night vision and automatic motion activated recording.

At Colonial Van Lines, our first priority is keeping your belongings safe. We think it’s a high priority for you as well. Check out some of our top home security services and home security products for yourself, and check us out as well.

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