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Questions to Ask Your Mover for An Office Relocation

Moving a business is new territory for many people; they may have experience moving from house to house, but picking up an office and moving it can seem like a completely new experience. For an experiences corporate relocation company, office relocation is part of the business.  When it comes to office relocation services, moving company professionals should have the experience to get the job done. Whether moving it’s an employee that is relocating to an entire office relocation, it’s important to know and trust the moving company that is handling your move. But how do you know if you’ve got the right company? Here are a few questions and items to evaluate when trying to relocate your business:

1. Experience and Insurance

When finding corporate relocation companies, you want to make sure that you’re getting an experienced, professional company, not a guy with some vans. In order to do this, ask about certification and experience. How long the company has been in business and which organizations they are registered with are good indications of their quality. References can also be useful at this point, and a general idea of past jobs, to see if they were similar to yours. Also be sure to ask about insurance. If some of your equipment is somehow damaged, you want to be certain that you are covered.

2. How They Will Pack and Move Your Equipment

You want to know where your equipment is going to be from start to finish. It is important to ask what variety of packing materials the company uses, what trucks they use, and how they handle furniture. There are many more specifics to each move they take on, but these are the basics. When discussing furniture, ask about re-installation at the new site. You don’t want to end up with twenty disassembled chairs that you then have to assemble and move.

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3. What The Cost Is

There are a lot of factors that go into calculating the cost of a move, so you want to make sure that they are all accounted for in the quote you receive. For instance, materials or furniture re-installation may be separate costs, or they may not include insurance in the original quote. You should always ask what exactly the quote provided includes, and if anything else will appear on the actual contract.

4. Who Is Going to be On Site?

On the day of the move, you want to know what to expect, and who is in charge if you have questions. Any relocation moving company should provide a supervisor or team leader, not just a team of actual movers. While the group likely does have experience, corporate relocation can be difficult to organize, so knowing who is going to be in charge during your move is comforting. In addition, ask if the movers who will be performing your move are permanent employees, or if the company subcontracts.

When trying to choose one of many office moving companies, it can be difficult to discern which company is the best fit for your job. The company you choose should have ready answers to these questions, and follow through on them. Be sure to start your search well before it is time to move; you want to leave yourself time to choose the right company.

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