Quick Post Holiday Home Hacks: Taking Down Decorations

Now that the holidays have passed and you and your family are getting back to your regular schedules with work and school etc. It’s time to start thinking about or getting the job done when it comes to your holiday decor. Getting back to your regular routine can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are taking down lights, decorations and trees that you put up for the season. Our team has come up with some great post-holiday home hacks for taking down your holiday decorations.

Home Hack #1 Don’t do it all at once.

home Hack - home hacks - make schedule

Taking down decorations when you have a busy schedule can make it a pretty daunting task. We know what it’s like to work and have other responsibilities leaving little free time to take care fo certain things. So instead of bogging yourself down for three to five hours after a long day of work break the task down over a few days. Make a list and dedicate each day of your five day week to a specific part of your home. This way you can get your home back in order and you don’t have to dedicate a massive amount of time in one day to get it done.

Home Hack #2 Use Old Wrapping Paper

home hack - home hacks - used wrapping paper

Packing up decorations can be tedious especially if you have glass or crystal ornaments. A simple home hack that we found useful is to actually save up all the wrapping paper from the gifts your children, family or friends have opened. You can use the torn up paper to wrap up your ornaments before you box them up. This offers an extra layer of protection for fragile items that you can’t afford to have damaged and helps the environment by not producing as much waste.

Home Hack #3 Toss it out!

home hacks - home hack - throw ornaments out

If we told you that many people actually throw our their holiday decorations every year you probably wouldn’t believe us but interestingly enough many people do. It can be a bit costly to buy new decorations every year but the amount of time and space you save may just be worth it. You don’t necessarily have to throw your decorations in the trash some people do collect them. Ask friends or family members if they want or know anyone looking for decorations.

Home Hack #4 Use Apple or Egg Cartons
home hacks - home hack - egg carton

If you are packing up glass ball ornaments this quick hack offers some additional protection. Reusing apple or egg cartons is a frugal way to box up your decorations. Just save up some extra cartons from your most recent grocery trip clean them out with mild soap and water then dry. Once the cartons are clean you can place your ornaments inside keeping them organized and safe for storage until the next holiday season.

Life after the holidays.

We hope this holiday season was a great one for you and your family. Now its time to get back into the swing of everyday life and we want to make sure you get the best tips from us. Coming in 2018 we have a number of new blogs coming that will surely come in handy for each season and your everyday life. Remember we are your source for all things moving but we also want to give you some great everyday tips too. If you are planning a move this year contact us and we will gladly get you on your way.

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