Remote Job Interviews: How to Prepare

You’ve always been told to follow your dreams, no matter where they lead you. Now you have a dream job opportunity that leads you no further than your living room. But while remote jobs come with many advantages, they also come with a slight learning curve. Not only in terms of the job itself, but also in terms of the remote interview process.

At Colonial Van Lines, we think nothing should come between you and the job of your dreams – – not a move, and certainly not a remote job interview. That’s why we’re giving you some tips to help flatten the learning curve. Here’s some advice for acing the remote interview process like a boss (even if you’re just an employee).

Likely Remote Interview Questions

 Jobs have evolved over the years and the interview process has evolved with them. No longer can you expect questions like, “What would your friends say are your three best qualities?” Now there are tougher questions. Employers don’t only want to know about whether or not you have the skills to do the job, they want to know if you have the skills to run the office (a.k.a. you’re living room). Here are some examples of likely remote interview questions.

  • How do you overcome a slump in creativity or productivity?

As you can see, this question is more about self-management than team management. While it might be tempting to answer, “Run out to Starbucks for a Mocha Grande,” you’re likely to score more points by giving proof that you’ve mastered the art of working alone.

  • What concerns do you have about working remotely?

For this question, say anything but “Nothing.” Here the boss is looking to hear that you have experience with working remotely – and anyone who knows about working remotely knows that obstacles come with the job. Think Wi-fi signals, dealing with distractions, and combatting isolation. Be sure to include solutions and results.

  • How do you maintain a work-life balance?

For this one,  it’s what you say is just as important as what you don’t say. Resist the temptation to talk about all the activities and hobbies that working remotely will enable you to do. This could send your potential boss a message that your playtime will take priority over your work time.

  • How will you communicate with your coworkers to ensure work gets done?

If you’re familiar with the game of “Telephone,” you’ll know how easily information can become distorted as it passes through channels. Without person to person communication, all team members need to be responsible for their sides of the message, whether they are delivering it or receiving it. Ace this one by answering, “Repeating and confirming information,” or “Stating goals upon assignment.” This will show that you’re aware of potential miscommunications and know how to deal with them.

  • Can you describe your home office set up?

If you’ve got pizza boxes, soda cans, and half-eaten sandwiches on the desk, honesty may not be the best policy here. Your prospective employer wants to know if you’ve put any serious thought into the logistics of your work area. Emphasize how your setup has made you efficient, productive, and organized.

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Preparing Your Attire for a Remote Interview

So, we all know the running joke about how one of the major perks of remote work is being able to go sans-culotte. However, for a remote job interview, conventional wisdom says, “Keep the pants on.” Wearing the complete ensemble will help to maintain the modicum of professionalism. Also, keep in mind that we all run the risk of having to leave our seats at some point or another.

The rule of thumb here is to wear the same clothes you would wear for an in-person interview. If the company is formal, men should wear a jacket and tie; ladies should think along the lines of a suit jacket. If the company is more laid back, business casual will do.

Setting the Stage for a Remote Interview

Lights, camera, action?  Perhaps the most obvious feature that sets in-person interviews apart from remote interviews is the technology. A reliable connection is important, the lighting is important, and the setting is important. Here are some tips for pulling off a flawless performance.

  • Office Set-Up

Showing that you have a place that you can dedicate to your work without distraction will be an important factor when it comes to decision making. If you don’t have a home office already, a dining room table or a quiet corner of the living room will serve the purpose.

  • Choose Your Spot

Be sure that you’ve chosen a spot that is free of distraction. Dogs barking, kids fighting, and the sound of the television is not going to scream professionalism.

  • Use a High-Quality Webcam and microphone

Remember, when it comes to finding a job, everything that goes wrong can and will be used against you in the decision-making process. While a prospective employer’s main concern should be your ability to do the job, a poor connection can leave a bad impression about you, and your interview in general. If your equipment is not up to snuff, an employer may worry that he or she will have to deal with subpar conditions on an ongoing basis if they hire you.

See “The Top 5 Webcams with Mics” on to make sure equipment is top of the line.

  • Test the Equipment

If at all possible, find out which program the company uses and make sure it works with your equipment. If it doesn’t, make the necessary adjustments.

Consider conducting a test run with your webcam to check for noise level.  Those delightfully tinkly bangle bracelets you’re thinking of wearing may make quite a cacophony when amplified over a microphone. 

Additionally, test yourself out to make sure you’re showing your best angle. Usually, this will be at the top center of the screen. You may need to prop your computer up on books to get the webcam at eye level or higher.

For information on “The Best Technology for Remote Interviews, check out

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