Top 8 Reasons People Move

In elementary school, it was always the same story. Whether we read it or wrote it ourselves, the explanation was the same. The kid had to move because the dad got a new job. In real life, however, it is not always the same old story. There are many reasons people move, and as the Nation’s Top Moving Company, we thought we should take a closer look at the subject.

Why Do People Move?

At Colonial Van Lines, we help move a lot of people, and we often wonder why they do it. Thanks to the Census Bureau, we now have the answers. While new jobs do rank high on the list (number 4), coming in on top are: wanting a better home or apartment (number 1), establishing (one’s) own household (number 2), and other family reasons (number 3). We’ll cover a few of those more in-depth later.

How Many People Move Each Year?

Before we go to the why, however, we thought it might be a good idea to focus on the “how many.” The Census Bureau says that 32 million people in the US moved in 2018. To put that into perspective, that’s 10.1 percent of the population. Fifteen percent of those moves are to a different state, while 85% of the movers stay within the same state (source).

Eight Reasons People Move

With so many people moving, it may, or may not, surprise you to learn that it can be narrowed down to nineteen reasons – according to data from a 2018 US Census Questionnaire. We’ll keep it down to the top eight. Here are a few reasons people move to new locations.

 1.) New or Better Homes or Apartment

The American Dream is still going strong! The number one reason people move is to get themselves into better living accommodations. And with the advanced home systems, convenient layouts, and attractive features of the modern homes, it’s not hard to see why. People working hard for their money often save it up to invest in the homes of their dreams. Once they can afford them, they move in to start building their new lives.

2.) Establish Own Household

Establishing your household means leaving your current (shared) residence (parent’s house, boarding school, crazy roommate situation, etc.) for your private quarters. Freedom to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always wanted comes with responsibility, but as of 2018, 12.6% of moving Americans are willing to step up (source).

3.) Other Family Reasons

From blended to extended, families are constantly changing. Whether it’s moving closer together or further apart, making room for new members, or saying good-bye to old ones, it’s no surprise that family reasons rank high on the list of reasons people move.

4.) New Job or Transfer

With the prospect of a new job comes career advancement, a higher salary, better work conditions, and new opportunities. Most of us would move halfway across the globe for that. And judging from statistics, many of us do. 10.3 percent of Americans who move do so in pursuit of a new job or transfer (source).

5.) Cheaper Housing

The chance to save a few bucks on household expenses is something 7.9% of all Americans who move are taking full advantage of. Lower taxes, insurance rates, utility bills, and lower living costs can make a big financial difference and relieve the stress that comes with living on a tight budget (source).

6.) Prefer Home Ownership to Rental

Millennials may be fueling the rental economy, but according to statistics, homeownership is still where the heart of America is. The Census Bureau reports that 7.3% of all Americans who move are trading in their rentals for the stability and financial benefits of homeownership.

7.) Proximity to Work

CEO of Nesta, Geoff Mulgan, once famously said, “The longer you commute, the less happy you’re likely to be.” He seems to have a point. Judging from statistics, 5.6 % of Americans who move are trading in their long work commutes for peace of mind and a new residence. An easier commute is one of the leading reasons Americans are looking to relocate.

8.) Change in Marital Status

When newlyweds move in together to start a family, they either move into a new home, or one spouse moves into his or her partner’s property. If they’ve already been living together, they move into a home or apartment that is more suited for growing a family.

When couples divorce, one of the exes moves to a new residence, or both move to smaller residences, as the cost of owning a large house is too taxing on a single income. Changes in marital statuses are responsible for 4.4% of all moves made in America (source).

Why Do People Choose Colonial Van Lines as Their Long Distance Moving Service?

At Colonial Van Lines, we may not always know why people move, but we do have few ideas about why they choose us as their moving company

  • We assist you with every aspect of your move to keep stress to a minimum.

From planning to packing, to transport to storage, CVL will keep in constant communication with you throughout your move, while delivering top quality service.

  • We offer free rate quotes so you can see where your money is going before you sign a contract.

At CVL, we provide free expense breakdowns so you can see where your payment goes. We don’t hide service charges from our clients; you approve of all our services upfront.

  • We customize our packages to fit your needs and budget.

We assign a personal location assistant who takes note of your special transportation requirements and moving needs and designs a plan to make your move a pleasant experience.

  • Our friendly experienced team members will treat your household goods as if they were our own.

Our national long-distance movers take the stress out of your relocation.

Bottom Line:

We know there are many reasons different reasons people move. At CVL, we want to give you every reason to be happy with your moving experience no matter what.  Request our free rate quote today and find out how we can help you out, no explanation required. 

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