Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Top Tech Gift Ideas

If you’re normally scrambling at the last minute to pick up that heart-shaped box of chocolates and dozen red roses, then this post is for you. Maybe she’s on a new fitness plan this year and the chocolates wouldn’t go over so well.

But if you came home with a new techy gift for her, she’ll be so surprised. Not sure where to get started? That’s where we come in.

Gift Ideas for Your High-Tech Valentine

Learn this year’s hottest tech gifts to get her this Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss the mark this Valentine’s day. Wow her with these smart Valentine’s Day Gifts:

Tech Gift 1: Smart Speaker

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Wireless Speakers

You’ve heard of them by now, so it just might be time to pull the trigger. The Amazon Echo can play her favorite songs, read recipes, turn the lights on and off, check the weather and traffic, and so much more. It even plays games with the kids, as an added bonus.

Pro tip: Check out the new Echo Show where Alexa will actually show you how to do things instead of just telling you. It comes with an added security feature for those with home security cameras. Hook it up to the system and Alexa can show you exactly what the cameras are seeing. It would be great for added peace of mind if you’re out on a Valentine’s Day date night with kids at home alone.

Tech Gift 2: Wireless Headphones

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Wireless Headphones

If your girl doesn’t have wireless headphones yet, this is the Valentine’s Day gift for her. Bang & Olufsen make some of the comfiest, great sounding headphones. And they’re super cute, too! Plus, they come in a variety of colors. For the more classic look, opt for the charcoal gray. If she likes to make a fashion statement and get noticed, opt for the tangerine gray – they’ll speak to her fun loving personality.

Tech Gift 3: Cozy Hoodie with Pockets for Tech Gadgets

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Smart Hoodie

If you’re girl is always cold, this is for her. The Chloe Hoodie by SCOTTeVEST has a whopping 14 pockets to fit phones, a tablet, and a camera plus her sunglasses, wallet, keys, and more. They come in several colors and are perfect for traveling.

Tech Gift 4: Smart Watch

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Smart Watch

You’ve been at the stores with her when she’s ogling the glass cases dreaming of owning a smartwatch. Her heart will be overflowing with love if you come home and surprise her with a smartwatch of her own. Ladies with the iPhone will love to rock the 38mm Apple Watch Series 3. No fear if your girl is an Android user – the Michael Kors Access Sofie is just a dreamy.

Tech Gift 5: Smart Wallet

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Smart Wallet

We’ve all been there. Heading for a night out on the town and we realize our phone is dying right as we head out the door. Never fear – Mighty Purse is here for her. That’s right, they make wristlets, clutches, purses, and totes with a built-in battery pack to charge your phone on the go.

They make so many fun colors and styles, you might just have to get her a few. If you do, she might even charge your phone for you from time to time.

Tech Gift 6: Touchscreen Gloves

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Touchscreen Gloves

Moshi makes a pair that have conductive fiber on all 10 fingertips – the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for the busy, on-the-go professional woman in your life. They come in two basic shades of gray, lined with soft, warm microfleece lining. Even the cold weather won’t stop her from being productive.

Tech Gift 7: Wireless Charging Pad

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Wireless Charging Pad

If she’s got that new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X, you’ll want to get her one of these wireless charging pads. While this one by Belkin is made for iPhones, it’ll even support Android phones that work with wireless charging.

Tech Gift 8: Smart Suitcase

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Smart Suitcase

This one got me really excited. As someone who’s spent a lot of time stuck in airports with flight delays, there’s nothing more aggravating than not being able to find an outlet to charge your phone. Until now, that is.

Check out this rad Away smart suitcase with a built-in battery to charge her phone. If lost in transit, it will even alert her to its location – truly the smartest suitcase on the planet, and you’ll be the smartest man if you pick one up for her. Plus they have colors to suit every style and a variety of sizes from carry on approved to larger suitcases.

Pro tip: Pair the suitcase with tickets for the two of you to jet off on a tropical vacation. This will by far be the best Valentine’s Day gift sh has ever gotten and you’ll get lots of kudos after she tells her friends how great you are.

Tech Gift 9: Shower Speaker

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Shower Speaker

This is a great low-cost gift for the girl in your life that can’t get enough of the shower acoustics. The VicTsing Shower Speaker is just $20. It’s waterproof and comes with a suction cup, too, making it great for the shower or even the beach but a sure win for a Valentine’s Day Gift.

Tech Gift 10: Fire TV Stick

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Fire TV Stick

With Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick, you can watch over 250,000 shows by simply plugging it into your TV’s HDMI port. It’ll pull from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Go, and more, and all at just $40! Perfect for those romantic, cozy nights in on the couch.

Tech Gift 11: iRobot Roomba Vacuum

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: iRobot Roomba Vacuum

While this is probably at the top of your price range, the iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is the only kind of vacuum you can get your girl for Valentine’s Day that she’ll actually be excited about. It’s totally hands free and can be scheduled to clean via the app. Plus, it’ll automatically recharge itself when it’s done.

Valentine’s Day to Remember

Take our word for us – skip the chocolate and roses this year. Opt for something a little higher tech that’ll surely leave her in awe. These tech forward Valentine’s Day Gifts are just what the modern woman needs. We promise she’s going to love it.

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