Tips for Packing an Office for a Move

When it’s time to pack everything and get started on your move, whether it’s cross-country or the next city over, there are going to be certain rooms in your house that require a little more finesse—especially your home office. You likely have expensive equipment such as a computer, various office supplies, paperwork, and even decorations.
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Moving Out of State Without a Job

Moving out of state without a traditional plan—including already having a job—might initially sound like a bad idea. However, it may be one of the best decisions you ever make. Sometimes you have to take risks to reap the rewards. Moreover, the move could ultimately help you become more independent and self-assured in the long
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Remote Job Interviews: How to Prepare

You’ve always been told to follow your dreams, no matter where they lead you. Now you have a dream job opportunity that leads you no further than your living room. But while remote jobs come with many advantages, they also come with a slight learning curve. Not only in terms of the job itself, but
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How to Survive a Move While Changing Jobs

Starting a new job is always challenging, especially when it requires a long distance move. New duties, new office, and working with an entirely new team, of course you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. As if starting fresh isn’t stressful enough, moving while changing jobs adds to the complexity. You’ve got new environments at both
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