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Moving with Kids – How to Break the News without Breaking Their Heart

Is your family making a significant move, and do you need to break the news to your children? Telling your kids that they’re moving can be challenging. Many new experiences await the entire family: a new home, new neighborhood, new school, new friends, and ultimately a new life.  As overwhelming as it may seem to
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13 Best Ways to Meet People in Your New City

If you are a new kid on the block and feeling lonely, perhaps it’s time to make some friends. This isn’t always easy. Socializing in a new environment requires you to step outside of your comfort zone—and that can be scary. Check out these tips for how to meet new people in a new city:
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Ten Tips for Making a Long-Distance Move Fun for Kids

Moving to an entirely new place can be scary for kids. They’re leaving everything that they’re familiar with and venturing into an unknown realm, one that’s far away from the home they know. They could be feeling like they’ve got no real sense of control. They may not understand the term “existential dread,” but that
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Getting Ready to Move with a Teenager

Moving with teens can be quite a challenge. They’re already established in school with lifelong friendships developed, and the thought of moving away from that might not sit well with most teens. There are certain things you’ll need to be cognizant of and things you can do to help your teen cope with the move.
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Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. Even emotionally stable adults may have a tough time moving, so it can be particularly challenging for children to move. However, it’s worth noting that children can actually benefit from a move because it prepares them to adapt to new situations. What is the best
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Age-Appropriate Moving Tasks For Kids

Moving is a chore. Chances are, your kids don’t like the idea of moving and they don’t like the idea of doing chores. Common wisdom would tell us that putting the two together would be cruel and usual punishment, but actually, the opposite is true. When kids are dealing with the stress of a move,
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Dads Spill Best Hacks for Moving with Toddlers

Moving with toddlers and babies adds an extra layer of challenges to moving. From packing all your toddler’s essentials to baby-proofing your new home, there are several steps you must take as the parent. This will help ensure a smooth and safe move for your little ones. Here are some essential toddler moving tips shared
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Advice from Mommies who Move with Babies

It’s true what they say, babies don’t come with handbooks. And they certainly come with handbooks about what you’re supposed to do with them when you’re planning and packing for a long-distance move. Never fear, if you can survive motherhood, you can survive long distance moving with a baby as well- with a little help
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Helping Your Child Adjust to a New School

You’ve recently moved, and your child is facing the reality of a new school. It’s a big transition, and you want to help them adjust. As it turns out, though, that’s easier said than done. Luckily, there are many things you can do to smooth the transition and help your child feel right at home
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Help Santa and His Reindeer Find Your New Home

If you have a long-distance move this holiday season, there’s a lot of important things on your list of to-dos. This hectic holiday season is the best time of year to call in the professional movers at Colonial Van Lines. Think about it, give yourself a break, will ya! You are already juggling a relocation,
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