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Moving to a Major Climate Change

Why is it that the part of the news we pay the most attention to is the weather? The reporters may be reporting the apocalypse, but all we’re really concerned with is whether or not it’s going to rain tomorrow. It’s understandable. Weather has a huge effect on our quality of life. When we move
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How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent

It’s easy to find a real estate agent, right? There are tons them advertising themselves on buses and at benches on bus stops, so why not just pick one of those? Those agents may be very talented at what they do but when it comes to deciding how to choose a real estate agent, you
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A Helpful Timeline for Transferring Your Utilities When You Move

As one of the nation’s top long-distance movers, we could write the book on executing a perfect move. Whether you are considering hiring professionals or still have the drive and energy for DIY moving,  here’s how to check off that utility transfer to-do list seamlessly. There are different elements that make up a home. Though
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10 Questions to Ask Before Entering a Short-Term Lease

There are many different moving scenarios that may cause you to consider the option of a short term lease. As moving experts in the industry, we’ve seen people move as frequently as every six weeks. Of course, it helps to have the assistance of a trustworthy packing and moving company. A short-term lease refers to
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Househunting like a Pro for Your Move

The hunt is on; the house hunt that is. You have a long-distance move in your future and that means you’ve got to find a place to live in your new area. You have your guns loaded, but the competition is fierce. Will you end up getting away with the best deal, or will you
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