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How to Cope with Moving Away From Family and Friends

As emotional beings, we are attached to our loved ones. We depend so much on our social circle to get by every day. You may never understand how much your loved ones mean to you until you consider moving away from family. If you have ever moved away from friends and family, you will understand what a roller-coaster of emotions and feelings of doubt and despair it brings.

Moving is an adventure. It gives you the opportunity for a new beginning or opens you to new opportunities. However, the thought of moving away from friends and family can make you feel sad and uncomfortable. In this post, we will be providing you with various tips on how to cope with moving away from family and friends.

What to Consider Before Moving Away

There comes a time when you must move for important reasons. It may be that you are moving away from family for education, or you are moving away from friends for a better career opportunity. In any case, there are few things to consider before getting too excited.

If you are undecided and moving is still a choice for you, consider:

  • what you will instantly lose
  • what you cannot get back
  • the energy required to sustain old friendships
  • the time it takes to start friendships
  • and the price it costs to lose friendships

Without understanding considering these scenarios you may take things for granted and suffer for it after moving to a new place.

How Do You Deal With Moving Away From Family And Friends?

Though there are many things you may sacrifice by moving away from family and friends, you have to do what is best for you when the opportunity comes along. Once you have considered the important factors mentioned above, you can make peace with yourself before moving. But do you have a plan in place to deal with moving away? Do you know strategies that can help you cope with the aftermath? We have a few tips and suggestions we believe can help you tremendously:

Tell Them Goodbye in Person

To show your family and friends that you cherish them, try to say goodbye in person to as many as you can. To make things easier, you can invite every one of them to a party or host a last night out before you move. Your cherished family and friends need to know that you will miss them greatly, and you won’t regret stopping by their home or grabbing coffee with them before you start your new journey.

Make Plans to Stay In Touch

These days, it is a lot easier to stay in touch with your loved ones than it used to be. Social media platforms are most likely accessible to most of your friends and family. Plan regular times to stay connected with them through social media. Make plans for phone calls, video calls, or other media they are comfortable with. Your grandparents or young family members may appreciate a card in the mail but it’s also easy to shoot a quick text or email to let someone know you are thinking of them.

Make Plans to Get Together

You can also discuss plans for future get-togethers before moving away from your family and friends. You can plan to visit the family during holiday seasons. Sending time with your family during your favorite holiday will mean a lot to them, and informing them about your intention will brighten the conversation even before you leave. You can also propose to visit your friends by coordinating a road trip and meeting in the middle, or choose a couple occasions throughout the year to visit by plane together.  

Stay Busy and Explore Your New Environment  

When you are busy and fulfilled, you will spend less time missing home and feeling depressed because you miss your loved ones. When you get to your new home, get busy as soon as possible. Start by setting up your new home, making it comfortable and designed to your style. You should also try to explore your new environment like:

  • your new pool at the condo
  • the bustling marketplace by your home
  • that restaurant that always seems busy no matter when you pass it

These will help make life more enjoyable and will also get you out there to make new connections.

Make New Friends in Your New Environment

One of the best ways to cope with moving away from friends is to make new friends. While this doesn’t mean you are trying to replace your old friends, you’ll be saving yourself from loneliness, lack of motivation, and lack of support during this new stage of life. Plus, making new friends in your new environment will also open the door to opportunities in your new town/city.  So, go out there and start meeting people.

Give Yourself Time

Things may not get back to normal immediately after you have moved away from family and friends. There is no need to feel guilty about that. It won’t help. Give yourself time to adapt to the new environment and be open-minded. It may take weeks or months to develop a new group of friends and enjoy your social life once again.

Moving away from your family and friends will not be easy – do not expect it to be. You will miss them, and they will miss you too. However, now you are equipped with some action steps that will help you ease into the emotional uncertainty of moving away from family and friends.

We have discussed a few tips and suggestions on how to handle the move. We sincerely hope that this advice will help you cope with a move, while staying in touch with the most important people in your life.

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