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Your Cross Country Moving Company: Colonial Van Lines

Moving cross country is a life-changing event that is both challenging and exciting. A new neighborhood brings new opportunities and experiences to your daily life after you move. Once you have made the decision of moving cross country, there are a number of things you will now need to take into consideration. Many of the things you will need to think of and plan for your move may take quite some time and effort. Rated as a top cross country moving company Colonial Van Lines has over 50 years of experience in the field and are here at your disposal. With everything from cross country moving quotes, to cross country moving tips we work diligently to be the best cross country mover in the industry.

What to Research Before Moving Across Country

Before you make any final decisions when moving, in general, it is important that you do a bit of research. Take some time to surf the internet, do some research on the cities you are looking to move to. As a cross country moving company we have various resources (like our MoveHub) that you can use to help you make the best decisions based on your needs.

Real Estate

Doing a bit of research on the local real estate before buying a home or signing lease is a great idea. Sites like Zillow and Apartments.com can provide you with valuable insight on the areas you are interested in moving to. Some of these resources even allow you to compare different areas making a buying or renting decision much easier.

Schools and Parks

If you have children or not, doing research on the schools and recreational parks in the area can provide some valuable insight on a potential neighborhood you will be moving to. Afterall if you have children you will want to put them in the best schools. On the other hand, if you don’t have children knowing if you are in a family atmosphere can influence your decision of moving to a specific city.

Local Crime Statistics

When you are moving across the country you are moving to a new city, a new place. One major thing you should consider especially if you have a family is the local crime statistics. Safety is of the utmost importance for you and your family. Take some time out of your day and contact the local police departments in the area. Inquire about their crime reports and most agencies will share them with you. The internet is also a great tool. You can look at local news channels and even pull crime ratings from various websites.

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Looking into the neighborhood, in general, is imperative before making a moving decision. Websites like Yelp and Trip Advisor can help you find out what the local recreation, dining, and nightlife is like. If you are a foodie maybe moving into a city known for great restaurants is more fitting for you. If you are into fitness moving into an area with a number of recreational options and activities could be a better option. In the end its all about you our customer so we even came up with some suggestions you can find here.

Getting Cross Country Moving Quotes

After doing research and making your decision of where you are going to move, you will be needing a quote from a cross country moving company. Colonial Van Lines provides free cross country moving quotes customized to fit your specific moving needs. Our team of professional moving coordinators are professionally trained to provide you with the most accurate cross country moving quotes. We also understand that you may live a busy life, especially in this day and age. We also invested in creating a moving app allowing you to request a quote at any time straight from your smartphone. You can download our app form both the Google Play and iTunes stores. As your cross country mover, we strive to provide you with multiple options to help you get a free quote.

Cross Country Moving Tips

As your cross country moving company of choice, we want to make sure your move is hassle-free. We have an endless number of tools and resources to ensure that we provide you with the best services. Here are some of our best cross country moving tips you can use before moving day.

Downsize: Downsizing your home before moving day is a great way to save some space. You can give away or donate old clothes and books to charitable organizations. Another great option is having a garage sale a few weeks before you move so you have some extra money in your pocket.

Clean: While downsizing you will surely kick up some dust while moving items around. Grab your broom, mop and cleaning supplies and give your house a good once over. It is much easier to work in a clean environment. Then you won’t have to worry about bringing any extra dust bunnies with you when you move to your new home.

Top Cross Country Mover

Colonial Van Lines is consistently recognized as a top cross country mover. We service thousands of customers year after year providing moving and storage services across the nation. We are known for our top-tier services and provide you with our licensed and insured moving professionals. Only interstate moving companies are allowed to handle and your household goods across the country. Colonial Van Lines will make your cross country moving process smooth and hassle-free.

If you would like to take advantage of our cross country moving resources visit our MoveHub. Are you looking for cross country moving quotes? Are you ready to book your cross-country move? Contact Us Today and let us show you why we are your cross country mover.

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