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Throw a Better Easter Egg Hunt with These Tips

Looking for Easter ideas to keep the kids at your upcoming party busy and happy? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re having a small family get-together or a massive party with your entire neighborhood in attendance, these smart Easter ideas can help you throw a get-together they’ll be talking about for years to come.

The Easter egg hunt is a beloved Easter tradition. Now, give it a full overhaul with these creative Easter ideas:

Idea 1: Make it a Glow-in-the-Dark Hunt

Easter Ideas - Glow in the Dark Hunt - Scavenger Hunt

Make your Easter egg hunt one the kids will remember by flipping the tables and transforming it into an evening activity instead of a daytime one! Head to your local craft store or Dollar Store and pick up a few dozen glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs.

Hide these around your yard or property, wait until it gets dark, and set kids lose to find them! To keep everyone safe, be sure there are enough adults to supervise adequately.

Idea 2: Make it a Puzzle

Easter Ideas - Kids Activities - Scavenger Hunt

Instead of stuffing the eggs with candy, use them to hide puzzle pieces. Once all the eggs are found, have kids assemble the puzzle. If parts are missing, send them back out to look for the missing eggs.

This approach adds a level of fun and excitement to the egg hunt, and helps avoid the inevitable sugar high and crash that happens when you stuff eggs with candy!

Idea 3: Stuff Eggs With Challenges

Easter Ideas - Kids Activities - Easter Scavenger Hunt

A fun alternative to stuffing eggs with candy (or puzzle pieces) is to stuff them with challenges. Set up a scavenger hunt and have kids work together. Each egg contains a challenge (do ten pushups, for example), and a clue about where to find the next egg.

While it takes a bit of planning to set up, this will quickly become a fun, group activity that engages the kids and encourages them to work together.

Idea 4: Take a Break From the Traditional
Easter Ideas - Kids Activities - Easter Scavenger Hunt - Emoji Eggs

Instead of opting for traditional, pastel-colored, plastic eggs, give kids something they’ll love to find. Today, you can purchase emoji eggs, building block eggs, and dozens of other varieties.

Tailor your choice to your audience and hide them around the house or backyard for an exhilarating and special Easter egg hunt that your kids will be happy to participate in.

Idea 5: Hide a Golden Egg
Easter Ideas - Kids Activities - Easter Scavenger Hunt

Take your Easter egg hunt to the next level by hiding a large golden egg somewhere in the hunt. This golden egg should be the hardest to find and should contain an extra-special prize. Consider stuffing it with $5 and a full-size candy bar. Don’t forget to tell kids about it, so they’ll up their dedication to the hunt!

Idea 6: Make it a Relay Race
Easter Ideas - Kids Activities - Relay Race - Easter Scavenger Hunt

Get kids hopping by putting on an Easter egg relay race! To do this, divide kids into teams of two. Have a member of each team look for one egg.

Once they’ve found an egg, have them come back to the “start line” and send their team member out to find an egg, and so on and so forth. This is a fun game that keeps kids engaged and excited about the process of hunting for eggs!

Idea 7: Make a Baby-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Ideas - Baby Activities - Kids Activities - Easter Scavenger Hunt

Get the littlest members of the party involved by putting on an Easter Bunny Trail hunt. If you live in town, use the front stretch of your sidewalk to do this. Take some sidewalk chalk, draw a few cute bunny prints, and scatter a few squares of the sidewalk with eggs.

The eggs should be small enough for little hands to pick up, and shouldn’t contain anything that could be a choking hazard.

Parenting Pro-tip: A flat lollipop will fit in an egg if you bend the bottom and tape it into a ring. And it will be easier for a toddler to hang onto.

Idea 8: Tie Balloons to Eggs to Make Them Easy to Find
Easter Ideas - Kids Activities - Easter Scavenger Hunt

For slightly older (but still little) kids, make the Easter egg hunt fun by tying helium balloons to eggs in the yard. This mini “minefield” of easy-to-find eggs ensures young children can participate in the festivities.

Have adults walk through the yard with the kids to ensure nobody gets tangled up in a balloon string or pops a balloon by accident.

Idea 9: Mix and Match Egg Colors
Easter Ideas - Kids Activities - Easter Scavenger Hunt

Create a series of color-coded cards, give them out to kids, and have them find eggs that match. Ideal for school-aged kids, this scavenger-hunt-esque activity is a great way to make the Easter celebration fun and interactive. Don’t forget to stuff each egg with something tasty to reward kids for their hard work!

Idea 10: “Plant” Eggs
Easter Ideas - Creative Ideas - Kids Activities - Easter Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve got a large group of tiny egg hunters, make finding them interactive and fun by gluing twisted pipe cleaners (Green, of course) to the bottom of plastic eggs. (Bonus points if you can fashion a tissue paper flower at the top. ) Stick the pipe cleaners into the dirt of your garden and turn the littlest kids out to uproot them. Fill each egg with kid-friendly treats, like rice cereal or other yummy things.

For best results, keep the egg garden limited to a small area and supervise kids while they pull the eggs out.

Easter Ideas for a Better Easter Egg Hunt

If you’re looking for creative Easter ideas to make your egg hunts more fun, these ten tips are a great way to get started. Whether you’re hosting young kids (who would love a balloon or “plantable” Easter egg hunt), or a group of older kids, these ideas will deliver all the fun, activity, and creativity you’d expect from the best hunts out there.

Add some great food, great friends, and fun activities to these Easter ideas, and you’ll have a party that’s fit for the ages. Whether your priority is welcoming spring, seeing the people you love most, or celebrating the Easter holiday, these great Easter ideas are an egg-cellent way to do it.

Pro Tip: If you will be having adults at your Easter festivities, check out our blog on Easter Activities: Egg-Cellent Adult Scavenger Hunt Ideas.