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Fashion Trends for Spring

Winter is gone, and thank goodness we can now see what’s in store for spring fashion in 2018. Ideas on what to wear now that the spring season is in full swing are sprouting up just as fast (and as beautifully) as spring flowers. We’ve collected all the tips and tricks you need to look fabulous during this gorgeous seasonal transition.

Fashion Tip 1: Florals

Fashion Tips - Floral Prints - Floral Fashion - Floral Patterns - Floral Dresses- Spring Fashion - Spring Fashion 2018

First and foremost, floral prints are a classic staple of spring. Florals as the statement piece of your outfit:

  • Flowy floral maxi dress
  • Floral Capris accented with whites or neutrals
  • Floral Blouse

However, florals also work simply as an accent for a subtle-yet-seasonal spring flare in your wardrobe:

  • A sheer floral scarf
  • Floral printed heels
  • Floral handbag

Floral colors such as vibrant corals, reds, and natural greens finally get their moment in the spotlight this spring. Want a floral vibe that’s less busy? Try mixing in some mixing in some Ombré colored styles for tops, dresses, and pants for a cleaner look. Flowers have been rocking the Ombré look for 140 million years, it’s about time we got on board!

Fashion Tip 2: Flowy

Fashion - Spring Fashion - Flowy Dresses - Flowy Shirts - Spring Fashion 2018

Warmer weather and cool spring breezes beckon some flowy elements to your spring outfits. Flowy is fun, flirtatious and fashionable for this spring season.  This added movement into your wardrobe is romantic, eye-catching and unforgettable as you walk.

Flowy styles to look for: airy, sheer, breathable, woven, or eyelet.

Sleeves and bottoms that bell out at the wrist of calf have a flowing feel and are popping up all over in the spring trends.

Fashion Tip 3: Seasonal Synergy: Blending the Seasons

Fashion - Spring Fashion - Spring Fashion 2018 - Spring Fashion Trends

A rule of thumb when putting together your spring outfits is to take a bit of summer and layer it with a piece from fall and winter. Here are some synergy examples:

  • Those flowy, floral tank tops will pair perfectly with a classic cardigan and nude booties.
  • Add leggings under those cute dresses that become a bit too chilly if you run into a cold front.
  • Pair your crisp whites with a trendy jean jacket or colorful sweater
  • A dress, plus a vest, is a spring trend hit.
  • Knee-high and thigh-high boots offset summer shorts for another casual spring look.
Fashion Tip 4: Cold Shoulder
Fashion - Spring Fashion - Fashion Tips - Spring Style - Spring Fashion 2018 - Cold Shoulder - Cold Shoulder Dresses - Cold Shoulder Tops

While it may still be too cool for showing off your killer thighs or midriff just yet, a spring fashion go-to is the cold shoulder blouse or top. There is something undeniably sexy about the curve of a woman’s shoulder. Show them off with:

  • A shoulder-popping top paired with your favorite skinny jeans, maxi skirt, or casual cropped pants.
  • A flowing off-the-shoulder dress and some killer heels for girls’ night

Pro Style Tip: Pull your hair back, skip the necklace and pair the look with some long statement earrings to pull even more focus to your neckline.

Fashion Tip 5: Pops of Pastel
Fashion - Spring Fashion - Spring Fashion 2018 - Pastel Colors - Pastel Fashion - Pastel Spring

The colors of spring are a cornerstone of spring fashion inspiration, (and spring décor too.) Pops of pastels pull the spring look together seamlessly.

Start with your everyday favorites like jeans, nudes, and other classic pieces and pair it with one bold pastel pop of color. Creamy shades of yellow, blue, pink, purple and green, add the spring flare that is missing from your muted wardrobe base.

These mood-lifting hues will liven up your outfit without a lot of thought or effort. Here a couple ways to “pop” some pastel in your spring look.

  • Chunky jewelry
  • A clutch
  • Flats and heels
  • A blazer
Fashion Tip 6: Nudes and Neutrals
Fashion - Spring Fashion - Fashion Tips - Fashion Nudes & Neutrals - Spring Fashion 2018 - Spring Fashion Trends - Neutral Fashion

For women who don’t feel any love for pastels, you can still look spring chic by playing up the nudes and neutrals. Just follow the Seasonal Synergy rule and you’ll still look super-fly this spring.

If big pops of bold color don’t speak to you, there are still many ways to express the confidence and charisma of your spring personality.

  • Opt for more muted shades like mauve and navy
  • Floral prints in neutral colors can add some more drama to a muted color palette
  • Use nudes to accent for blacks, whites, browns and grays
Fashion Tip 7: Mixing up the Ratios
Fashion - Spring Fashion - Spring Fashion 2018 - Spring Fashion Trends

Playing around with varying length combinations is another spring outfit hack heating up this year. This transitional season is perfect for sleeves and pant legs that fall somewhere in between long and short.  You can incorporate the ¾ sleeve or pant length into your style basics.

Another option is to mix long and short together in your spring wardrobe. Spring is your season to rock that long-legged romper with the short-cropped sleeves or spaghetti straps. Short-sleeved tops pair well with cropped pants or chinos for another casual spring favorite. Your oversized, off the shoulder sweater will keep you warm and cozy even with those sun-bleached summer jean shorts.

Option 1: Warm up-top/cool on the bottom, (i.e. Sweaters & sandals.)

Option 2: Cool up-top, warm on the bottom, (i.e. Slinky tops with jeans and winter boots.)

Fashion Tip 8: Be Edgy, Dare to Bare More
Fashion - Spring Fashion - Spring Fashion 2018 - Spring Fashion Trends - Plunging Neckline - Backless Dresses - Backless Sweater - Backless Top

Each season has its own opportunities for show-stopping moments and spring is no exception. When you want to spice up a special occasion there are some not-so-subtle fashion tricks that are sure to result in a showering of compliments.

Consider the rules mentioned above:

  • Seasonal Synergy
  • Floral and Flowy
  • Pops of Pastel
  • Nudes and Neutrals

Another head-turning spring fashion trick is to show off your backside. Not your bottom, but that sultry, sexy shoulder blade and upper, mid and lower back area that gets covered up and downplayed all year long. There are tons of backless dresses downplayed and tops that accentuate this gorgeous feature. It’s one of the reasons the bralette was invented, so play around with this spring fashion favorite for casual and dressy occasions.

Spring Fashion Success Tips

These spring trends and tips are a well-rounded guide to reinventing and/or evolving your style with an inspiration of the season. Since spring is a season of rebirth, it’s a great time to take a look at your winter wardrobe and rid yourself of any items that don’t compliment your spring style. Take a moment to do some spring cleaning in your wardrobe and get rid of clothing pieces that don’t fit, Look warn, faded or tattered, and don’t make you smile when you wear it.

By decluttering your closet, you can get more organized as you fuse your winter and summer elements together for your spring fashion wardrobe.  Above all, stay warm, stay stylish and stay true to you with your personal fashion this spring.