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Genius Hacks and Solutions for Moving Furniture

Certain things in life just stand to reason. One is that nothing can fit inside something smaller than itself, and another is that what goes in should be able to come out. However, when you’re moving furniture those two apparent truisms seem to contradict each other. Somehow, your furniture has gotten into your house, yet you can’t figure out how to get it out and you’re wondering how it got in there in the first place.

While making sense of all of this is not your job, getting your furniture in and out of the house is, most commonly when your moving. At Colonial Van Lines, we’re not big on philosophy, but we do know a lot about moving furniture in and out of the house,  and we have a few tips for how you can avoid getting stuck in a sticky situation.

Measure Furniture Before Moving Furniture

One thing Colonial Van Lines can tell you is that when it comes to moving, size does matter.  We can also tell you that knowing the size of your furniture can save you a lot of aggravation on moving day. To foresee what might otherwise come disturbingly unforeseen, get your measuring tape, a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and get to work determining the dimensions of your furniture. Knowing the exact length, width, and height will help you figure out your next steps will be on your path to moving enlightenment.

Check out spruce.com for information on “How to Properly Measure a Sofa”

Measure the Doorways and Hallways

But don’t put down that measuring tape just yet. Now that you’re familiar with the dimensions of your furniture, it’s time to measure all of the doorways, corridors, and pathways that your problematic furniture will have to fit through during the moving process. Don’t forget stairwells and elevator doors. Stairwells can be especially difficult to navigate, especially the ones on older buildings.

Check out homealternatives.net for a complete measuring guide.

Get Enough Manpower

Even if you can’t avoid getting stuck while you’re moving furniture, at least you can get avoid getting stuck alone while your moving furniture. If you’re getting big furniture in and out of your house, plan on recruiting at least two other able-bodied individuals. Ideally, there should be one person to hold up the front of the item, one person to hold the back, and a third to navigate.

Look at It from Another Angle

Always remember that your most important tool is your brain. Before you start disassembling and unscrewing, think about how you might try turning pieces vertically or at different angles while you’re maneuvering them through doorways, hallways, or stairways. Just make sure that you keep your movements slow and precise to avoid costly property damage.

Squeeze Your Way In

We certainly wouldn’t recommend you using this method for a parking space, but if you have upholstered furniture there’s probably a little leeway on the “exact dimensions.” Remember most couches and sofas have soft sides that can squeeze through openings a bit smaller than the overall size of the furniture. If it’s a matter of a few inches, use the right angle and compress the cushioned sections to give you that extra bit of room.

Disassemble and Detach

If despite your genius efforts, your furniture still doesn’t fit through its targeted apertures, your next move would be to disassemble the oversized pieces. Consider removing protruding furniture legs by either pulling them out of unscrewing them. If you’re unsure about the proper techniques for furniture disassembly, consult a specialist.

Remove the Door Frame

At Colonial Van Lines, we always say, “When the furniture doesn’t fit in the house, then the house must be made to fit in the furniture.” If you find yourself in a situation in which getting your furniture through the door is only a matter of about an inch, removing the door from its hinges can be an effective solution. Alternatively, you can remove part of the doorframe by taking out the nails, but keep in mind that doing this can cause property damage. Only do this as a last resort, and if you know what you’re doing.

Avoid Bottlenecking

You may have made it safely through the door, but there are still many twists and turns to face, most commonly when maneuvering furniture through a narrow hallway or staircase. One of the most important tips Colonial Van Lines gives its customers is to inspect your way in thoroughly and visualize your path every step of the way.  And remember, if you do get stuck, keep calm and figure out the best solution. Raw force is seldom an effective solution.

Hire A Professional

At Colonial Movers, we know there can be a lot of uncertainties when you’re moving furniture. But there is one thing you can be certain of – Colonial Movers knows exactly what to do about them. We’ve been in the moving business for over fifty years and there’s hardly a move related problem our team doesn’t know how to handle. Even if disassembling the furniture doesn’t solve the issue, we offer professional hoisting services to get your furniture through windows and balconies without doing damage to your home or belongings.

But a bottleneck in the hallway is not the only tough spot we can help you to avoid. When you hire Colonial Movers, our team is there to assist you with your long-distance move from beginning to end.  Our packing and moving service team will help you avoid common moving problems, navigate through confusing situations, and give your move the individual attention it deserves.

On top of our outstanding moving team, we offer you a customized plan to get your goods from point A to point B in the most efficient, uncomplicated, cost-effective way. Our free quotes are designed to help our customers avoid common money traps. Provide us with information about your move and our moving professionals will prepare an expense breakdown so you can see where your money is going. We’ll give you an accurate rate quote on us with no obligation to sign a contract.

Maybe Colonial Van Lines will never solve the dilemma of how your big furniture got into your much smaller doorway, but we can help solve many of the problems that moving furniture presents. Request our free rate quote today and we’ll help you to figure the important part out.

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